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    Striped Maxi in Seville

    Two things you can count on when you’re going to Seville in the summer months? Extreme heat and pretty buildings everywhere (I’ll admit, those will also be there ...

    On 11/09/2018 / By
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    Summer Blue

    Hola! Imaginary greetings from Malaga, since I’m obviously not there anymore. I’d better get a move on posting my summer looks, before we can hardly imagine what it ...

    On 04/09/2018 / By
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    Yellow Gingham Shorts

    Ahh, vacation bliss. As we’re slowly sliding into fall, it’s almost hard to remember the summer days when it was almost too hot to even wear clothes. After ...

    On 28/08/2018 / By
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    Stripe on Stripe

    Stripes, sun and Spain – that’s what these outfit pictures are all about! This was taken during one of our first days of the trip, strolling through the ...

    On 16/08/2018 / By
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    Denim Love

    Hi there – I’m almost off on vacation to España in a few days, even though this Belgian weather’s really got me feeling as if we’re in the ...

    On 18/07/2018 / By
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    Summer Pastels

    Hi there! Can I just take the time to appreciate what a wonderful pre-summer we’ve been having so far (okay, last week not included)? It’s really putting me ...

    On 19/06/2018 / By


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    Amsterdam | Hotspot List

    AMSTERDAM If you’ve ever been in Amsterdam, you’ll know it’s basically one big playground for hotspots and hipsters. So yes, there’s plenty to see and do – and while ...

    On 28/11/2017 / By
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    Amsterdam | Pluk

    Pluk Fact: when it comes to hotspots, you’ll find plenty of them in Amsterdam – scattered all over the city. On one of my recent trips there, I ...

    On 10/09/2017 / By
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    Breakfast in NYC

    Coco & Cru (the Australian one) Australians have quite the reputation when it comes to coffee and healthy food, so when I read about this place it immediately ...

    On 18/05/2017 / By

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My travel essentials (and tips)

The excitement of discovering a new destination is one of my favorite things, like ever. The fact is – I love to travel, and I’m sure you know ...

On 06/07/2017 / By

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