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    The streets of Venice

    When you’re in Venice, there’s pretty much a picture opportunity lurking behind every corner – it almost made me feel bad for not going full blogger mode and ...

    On 25/04/2017 / By
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    The colors of Burano

    I just got back from a lovely trip to Venice, which was absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed a couple of days exploring the city and nearby islands, one of ...

    On 18/04/2017 / By
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    Spring Kimono

    One of my favorite items for spring or summer is without a doubt the kimono. I quite like the versatility and relaxed feel of it – it is ...

    On 12/04/2017 / By
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    Navy Trousers

    On a particulary sunny (and as you can see, windy) day, we headed out to shoot some pictures. My “superstar” sneakers are still very bright and white, so ...

    On 03/04/2017 / By
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    Welcoming Spring

    You guys, let’s just all declare our love for the current weather situation. It’s so amazing and lovely right now – I don’t think we could’ve wished for ...

    On 28/03/2017 / By
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    Panama: travel outfits

    What I’m wearing: Madewell top – Bershka shorts – H&M slippers – Paul & Joe sister bag – Komono sunglasses (full look here) What & where: In the ...

    On 21/03/2017 / By


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New in

Warm temperatures, where art thou? I’m really missing you these days, especially since I already spring-proofed my wardrobe a while ago when the weather was treating us better. ...

On 27/04/2017 / By

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