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    Buckle Boots

    Time for a little intermezzo in my Panama looks, and show you what I’ve been wearing during the much, much colder days in Belgium. There’s a lot of ...

    On 16/02/2017 / By
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    Panama City

    When you’re thinking of Panama, maybe this skyline isn’t the first thing you would expect but as you can see the capital is quite a metropolitan city. The ...

    On 14/02/2017 / By
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    Isla Bastimentos

    No matter where you travel, there’s always “that” famous beach place – and for Panama, it’s Bocas del Toro. To avoid confusion: the name is used for the ...

    On 09/02/2017 / By
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    Las Lajas

    Imagine a longggg (12km to be exact), pretty much deserted beach with some palm trees and that’s pretty much what Las Lajas is all about. This beach spot ...

    On 05/02/2017 / By
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    Birthday Suit

    No – obviously not that kind of birthday suit, but what I wore to go out to dinner on my birthday on our last day in Panama. To ...

    On 29/01/2017 / By
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    Bocas del Toro

    When you’re spending time on the Caribbean side of Panama, you’re sure to be surrounded by colorful houses, palm trees, reggae vibes and probably more than one tropical ...

    On 24/01/2017 / By


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New in

Ahh, winter – the season to stay in and be cozy. I personally love to go outside during those sunny winter days, but it’s equally fun to warm ...

On 01/02/2017 / By

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