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    Panama: travel outfits

    What I’m wearing: Madewell top – Bershka shorts – H&M slippers – Paul & Joe sister bag – Komono sunglasses (full look here) What & where: In the ...

    On 21/03/2017 / By
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    I heart Brussels

    As much as I love discovering new places and countries, I think it’s important to never take your own surroundings for granted – because they’re usually pretty damn ...

    On 16/03/2017 / By
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    Rooftop moments in Madrid

    Life can be pretty sweet sometimes. Like when you’re spending a weekend in Barcelona & Madrid to discover more about cava, and the weather is all amazing. Since ...

    On 09/03/2017 / By
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    It’s so fluffy!

    Time to meet the fluffy teddy bear coat! Whenever I’m meeting friends, they instantly have the need to pet me and my boyfriend thinks I look like a ...

    On 28/02/2017 / By
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    Casco Colors

    Since the streets of Casco Viejo are simply charming, I guess I went a little overboard photographing my outfits there – but I just loved all the different ...

    On 24/02/2017 / By
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    Buckle Boots

    Time for a little intermezzo in my Panama looks, and show you what I’ve been wearing during the much, much colder days in Belgium. There’s a lot of ...

    On 16/02/2017 / By


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    Mechelen | Foom

    FOOM Mechelen is a city that’s been working hard on upgrading over the last few years, and I think it’s safe to say that their efforts are paying ...

    On 02/03/2017 / By
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    Berlin | RAW-Gelände

    RAW-Gelände is best defined as a major playground for adults looking to have a good time. Well, maybe that sounds wrong but it’s still kind of right. This ...

    On 04/12/2016 / By
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    Berlin | Prater Garten

    Under normal circumstances, the word “biergarten” would set off more than one alarm bell in my head. I mean, Germany and beer is a combo that has quite ...

    On 06/11/2016 / By

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New in

Ahh, winter – the season to stay in and be cozy. I personally love to go outside during those sunny winter days, but it’s equally fun to warm ...

On 01/02/2017 / By

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