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    Nude Sandals

    While it might seem that these pictures could have been taken in a colorful little village somewhere abroad, it’s actually a street within walking distance from where I ...

    On 16/05/2017 / By
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    Ciao Venezia

    I’m sure it’s more than clear by now that we had a good old time in Venice, since I’ve declared my love for it in pretty much every ...

    On 09/05/2017 / By
  • outfit 1

    Parka Weather

    One of the days we spent in Venice turned out a bit gloomier than the rest, which was the perfect opportunity to wear this light parka. We didn’t ...

    On 01/05/2017 / By
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    The streets of Venice

    When you’re in Venice, there’s pretty much a picture opportunity lurking behind every corner – it almost made me feel bad for not going full blogger mode and ...

    On 25/04/2017 / By
  • outfit 2

    The colors of Burano

    I just got back from a lovely trip to Venice, which was absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed a couple of days exploring the city and nearby islands, one of ...

    On 18/04/2017 / By
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    Spring Kimono

    One of my favorite items for spring or summer is without a doubt the kimono. I quite like the versatility and relaxed feel of it – it is ...

    On 12/04/2017 / By


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travel 1

Thoughts on traveling solo

I’m not that kind of person that needs to be surrounded by people all the time – in fact, I very much appreciate my alone time. So even ...

On 11/05/2017 / By

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