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  • denim on denim
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    Denim on Denim

    Here’s a little tip: when you feel like you’ve reached the limit when it comes to buying horizontal stripes, switch to vertical! Not that one can ever really ...

    On 26/05/2015 / By
  • boyfriend jeans 1
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    Distressed Denim

    Those first couple of days that show the first glimpses of summer are truly the best. I’d trade my jacket over a kimono any day, so I’m pretty ...

    On 14/05/2015 / By
  • outfit pastel leopard coat Opullence
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    Pastel Leopard

    Throwback to a couple of weeks ago, when I was still enjoying snowy landscapes and hanging out in charming towns like Valmorel. This jacket is a recent favorite ...

    On 05/05/2015 / By
  • leopard ugg espadrilles and denim look
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    Leopard Espadrilles

    Yup, total shoe crush happening here. You’ve probably seen these lovely leopards passing by on social media more than once, but that’s only because I love them so. ...

    On 28/04/2015 / By
  • FCUK faux fur vest in French Alps
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    Faux Fur Vest

    As you may have noticed last week involved a little snow getaway to the French mountains, which explains the sudden change of scenery behind me. The concept was ...

    On 19/04/2015 / By
  • lee 125 years filles a papa shirt sequin sleeves
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    Sequin Sleeves

    Put a good sequin on any type of clothing and I’ll pretty much love it – so it’s no surprise that Filles à Papa often manages to steal ...

    On 13/04/2015 / By

Latest Writings

  • Happy and healthy list white blossoms - brunetteblogging.com
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    My happy & healthy list

    It’s easy to get caught up and complain about the little things, yet it doesn’t always seem so easy for a lot of us to be happy and thankful for the things we do have. I’m not saying I’m happy as a unicorn all the time – but I’ve grown much more aware of my behavior and my “happy factor” compared to ...

    On 01/05/2015 / By
  • Sri Lanka beach - brunetteblogging - the offline joy
    writings 6

    The offline joy

    At the risk of sounding like a major grandmother: do you remember what life was like before we had smartphones? If you do, we most likely share an age group or you’re older than me (and are now slightly offended that I consider myself to be “of age” already). If you don’t – you’re probably part of a generation I don’t fully ...

    On 26/01/2015 / By
  • Blogging in 2014 an honest reflection hfi
    writings 12

    Blogging in 2014: an honest reflection

    I remember the early days of this blog very well. Hours upon hours were spent figuring out how to make everything work, create new content, interact with other bloggers and trying to make a name for myself on the world wide web and in the Belgian blogosphere as well. There was so much drive and passion behind it, other things often had ...

    On 08/12/2014 / By

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