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Malta Moments

31 07 2014 / BY Brunette Blogging

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Before the more extensive travel guide, comes the first Malta post with general impressions. During our stay, we rented a car and stayed at three different places via Airbnb – the perfect way to explore and getting to know the island from different locations. Even though the traffic is pretty crazy (meaning the way the drive is quite aggressive and it’s extra difficult since they drive left) and the roads are narrow – I’d still recommend it since it gives you full freedom to go anywhere. We wanted to visit the more secluded bays (we definitely found some beautiful spots, adventurous trails included!) and see as much of Malta as we could during our stay, so renting a car was the best option for us. Snorkel / sea lovers will certainly fall in love with Malta, since it has lots of lovely underwater spots to discover and beautiful clear turquoise water to swim in. But – beware of the jellyfish!

We payed a short visit to Gozo, the (even more) tiny island above Malta – which is easily accessible by ferry. Gozo is like the vacation spot for Maltese people, but also the place where you can geek out over Game of Thrones – the famous Azure Window is where they filmed the Khaleesi x Khal Drogo wedding from season 1, pretty cool! The locals are friendly people who pretty much all speak very decent English – so making yourself understandable is no problem at all. Oh, and the food and drinks are pretty cheap as well – in conclusion, there isn’t much to not love about Malta!




28 07 2014 / BY Brunette Blogging

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H&M top – Vila shorts – Sacha sandals – Topshop bag – Ray-Ban aviator

After spending two lovely weeks in Malta, I’m back amongst the living and slowly getting used to Belgian life again – where free time isn’t usually spent on the beach, snorkelling or exploring ancient towns. To kick off the “Malta series”, I’m starting with Marsaxlokk, a charming fisher town we visited on our first day where the typical colorful boats are numerously present in the little harbour. Malta managed to charm me in more ways than one, but I’ll tell you all about that in an upcoming travel guide post soon.

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