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    Travel Outfits: New York

    What I wore: Virginie Castaway bomber jacket – Zara scarf – Hershel hat, Diesel jeans & Puma sneakers via Vente-Exclusive.com – Madewell sweater – Komono sunglasses What & ...

    On 06/12/2018 / By
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    Fjällräven Fall Essentials

    Hi there! I’m back from my trip to New York, where I’ve experienced both snow storms and semi spring-like temperatures – safe to say the weather acted almost ...

    On 22/11/2018 / By
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    Hello October

    Hello – almost end of – October! I feel like it’s (finally) truly starting to feel like fall now, after the very long Indian summer we’ve been having. ...

    On 23/10/2018 / By
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    Matching the fall colors

    Hi there October, hi there fall. I for one am not too sad about the arrival of autumn season this year (even though we can hardly call it ...

    On 11/10/2018 / By
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    Travel outfits: Spain

    What I wore: Oysho dress & slippers – bag bought in Vietnam What & where: In Ronda, the mountaintop “city” that is quite famous for the dramatic views ...

    On 03/10/2018 / By
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    Striped Maxi in Seville

    Two things you can count on when you’re going to Seville in the summer months? Extreme heat and pretty buildings everywhere (I’ll admit, those will also be there ...

    On 11/09/2018 / By
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    Summer Blue

    Hola! Imaginary greetings from Malaga, since I’m obviously not there anymore. I’d better get a move on posting my summer looks, before we can hardly imagine what it ...

    On 04/09/2018 / By
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    Yellow Gingham Shorts

    Ahh, vacation bliss. As we’re slowly sliding into fall, it’s almost hard to remember the summer days when it was almost too hot to even wear clothes. After ...

    On 28/08/2018 / By
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    Stripe on Stripe

    Stripes, sun and Spain – that’s what these outfit pictures are all about! This was taken during one of our first days of the trip, strolling through the ...

    On 16/08/2018 / By
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    Denim Love

    Hi there – I’m almost off on vacation to España in a few days, even though this Belgian weather’s really got me feeling as if we’re in the ...

    On 18/07/2018 / By
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    Summer Pastels

    Hi there! Can I just take the time to appreciate what a wonderful pre-summer we’ve been having so far (okay, last week not included)? It’s really putting me ...

    On 19/06/2018 / By
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    Travel outfits: Myanmar

    What I wore: dress made in Hoi An – earrings & bag bought in Vietnam – Komono sunglasses What & where: In the entrance halls of the Shwedagon ...

    On 07/06/2018 / By

Travel Guides & Impressions

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    Denmark in 10 pictures

    Last summer, we drove through Denmark before heading to Norway and made a few stops along the way. I can’t say we were there for long enough to share some valid travel tips, but I did want to share some visual impressions of Kolding, Aarhus and Hirtshals (where you go to take the ferry to Norway) along the way. Aarhus is the ...

    On 08/11/2018 / By
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    A mini city guide to Stockholm

    STOCKHOLM I headed to Sweden’s capital for a long weekend in March to meet up with my Canadian family and to discover Stockholm – a city I’d never visited before. It’s fun to spend a few days here, walk around in the charming streets, discover the museums and do a little bit of shopping – aka the perfect city trip location. Here’s ...

    On 16/10/2018 / By
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    The travel guide to Myanmar

    MYANMAR When we started our three-month trip, we were sure we’d be going to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. After those, we didn’t know where we wanted to go next and decided to let it depend on the amount of time we had left and the cost of flight tickets to the destination. After careful consideration between Bali, Taiwan and Myanmar, the latter ...

    On 31/05/2018 / By
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    Ten things about Vietnam

    VIETNAM I’d never been, but I was curious. I heard mainly positive and some negative things (there was one controversial article that lingered in my mind) beforehand – nevertheless, I was ready to experience it myself. Conclusion? It wasn’t love at first sight, but it really did win me over in the end.  These are my ten things under the form of ...

    On 14/05/2018 / By
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    The travel guide to Cambodia

    CAMBODIA Oh, Cambodia. After spending almost one month in this beautiful country, I fell in love with so many places, the people and the culture – there’s definitely a lot more to see than the temples of Angkor Wat. The majority of tourists doesn’t make it much further than Siem Reap, but I hope this guide can convince you otherwise! What can ...

    On 24/04/2018 / By

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