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  • Magnolia Walk // Brunette Blogging
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    Magnolia Walk

    Let me start by saying that this weather is everything. When the sun is out and the skies are blue, my happiness factor goes up about 100%. When ...

    On 05/05/2016 / By
  • Double Denim // Brunette Blogging
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    Double Denim

    Over the years, my style has certainly evolved into something more relaxed and minimalistic that is above all, comfortable to wear as well. I mean, I may like ...

    On 28/04/2016 / By
  • Cobblestone Charm // Brunette Blogging
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    Spring in Rome

    Here’s another look I wore in Rome, which is definitely one of my personal favorites because of its relaxed feel. I’ve always adored kimonos and am a big ...

    On 21/04/2016 / By
  • Streets of Rome // Brunette Blogging
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    Streets of Rome

    A little flashback to two weeks ago (already) in the streets of Rome, where everything looked charming and life mainly consisted of pizza, pasta and gelato. Luckily there ...

    On 17/04/2016 / By
  • Rue des Chartreux // Brunette Blogging
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    Rue des Chartreux

    A couple of weekends ago, I went to the #headandshouldersgirlylunch at Les Filles in Brussels, which is right around the corner of this street (also known as Kartuizersstraat ...

    On 10/04/2016 / By
  • Spring Jacket // Brunette Blogging
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    Spring Jacket

    These pictures are a little throwback to a few days before my hair got chopped, which explains the sudden extra centimeters compared to previous posts. Looking at this ...

    On 05/04/2016 / By


Latest in Lifestyle

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Cleanse, Hydrate, Sleep, Repeat.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me: for someone that doesn’t consider herself a beauty blogger, I do spend an awful lot of time on beauty in ...

On 13/04/2016 / By

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