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Latest Outfits

  • patterned reversible poncho
    outfit 0

    The Poncho Cardigan

    Technically, I should name this something like a poncho-cape-cardigan kind of thing, but that really would be a mouthful for a title. In any case, it’s cozy as ...

    On 24/03/2015 / By
  • Spring Coat 1 - brunetteblogging.com
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    Spring Coat

    I’m sure we can all agree that spring is in the air, and it’s kind of wonderful. This soft peachy jacket has definitely been one of my favorites ...

    On 16/03/2015 / By
  • A new look brunetteblogging.com 1
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    A new look

    A new week, a new look! As previously announced I was working on launching my new blog design, so here it is! I was very ready for something ...

    On 09/03/2015 / By
  • White Knit fi - brunetteblogging.com
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    White Knit

    Oh, hello March! I’m excited to say that since it means spring is getting closer and closer – something we may have caught a glimpse of this weekend. ...

    On 02/03/2015 / By
  • Bundled up BBFI
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    Bundled up

    As much as I’m looking forward to the days when it’s no longer necessary to wear a coat and oversized scarf, I guess there’s something charming about warming ...

    On 24/02/2015 / By
  • Patchwork Denim FI - brunetteblogging.com
    outfit 4

    Patchwork Denim

    When someone says “patchwork denim”, I immediately have an image of those seventies jumpsuits or flared jeans in my head – something I don’t necessarily associate with my ...

    On 18/02/2015 / By

Latest Writings

  • Sri Lanka beach - brunetteblogging - the offline joy
    writings 6

    The offline joy

    At the risk of sounding like a major grandmother: do you remember what life was like before we had smartphones? If you do, we most likely share an age group or you’re older than me (and are now slightly offended that I consider myself to be “of age” already). If you don’t – you’re probably part of a generation I don’t fully ...

    On 26/01/2015 / By
  • Blogging in 2014 an honest reflection hfi
    writings 12

    Blogging in 2014: an honest reflection

    I remember the early days of this blog very well. Hours upon hours were spent figuring out how to make everything work, create new content, interact with other bloggers and trying to make a name for myself on the world wide web and in the Belgian blogosphere as well. There was so much drive and passion behind it, other things often had ...

    On 08/12/2014 / By
  • Why Id rather spend money on travel than clothes BBFI
    writings 10

    Why I’d rather spend money on travel than clothes

    Your eyes aren’t fooling you – I really did just write that title. In the world of fashion, objects are more than once described as “something to die for” (I hope we’re all still saying that as a matter of speech and not in the actual sense of the word) and designer bags by Céline, Balenciaga or Givenchy are coveted things that will generally ...

    On 02/09/2014 / By

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