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  • That 70s vibe // Brunette Blogging
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    That 70s vibe

    Seems like the seventies vibe has found its way to my closet in more way than one – I’ve been loving this bell-sleeved blouse ever since it arrived ...

    On 19/07/2016 / By
  • Summer Kimono // Brunette Blogging
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    Summer Kimono

    Hi there! Took a bit of an unintentional break here, but I’m glad to be back with another outfit. As you may already know, I’m pretty crazy about ...

    On 05/07/2016 / By
  • Flower Power // Brunette Blogging
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    Flower Power

    It’s no secret that the seventies have been making a comeback in fashion, and these pants are another example of that. I’m totally loving them – not only ...

    On 13/06/2016 / By
  • Lace-up flats // Brunette Blogging
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    Lace-up flats

    Oh, hi – I’m just casually standing on a bus lane here, pretending not to be bothered by the busy traffic and honking cars going by. Photographing your ...

    On 01/06/2016 / By
  • Floral Maxi Skirt // Brunette Blogging
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    Floral Maxi Skirt

    Hello, and welcome to the fairy tale forest. When I was running here earlier that day, I quickly decided I had to come back later and shoot a ...

    On 25/05/2016 / By
  • Black Sandals // Brunette Blogging
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    Black Sandals

    Hooray for sandal season being back in town, even though it’s still proving to be quite fickle. But even if the weather decides to switch seasons every other ...

    On 17/05/2016 / By


Latest in Lifestyle

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Life update: my workout motivation

Working out has never been my strongest suit. As a kid, I had a slight interest in gymnastics and karate (mostly fueled by my obsession for the pink ...

On 22/05/2016 / By

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