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Parka Season

29 09 2014 / BY Brunette Blogging

Parka Season 1 - brunetteblogging.com

Urban Outfitters parka – Club Monaco shirt – Diesel skinzee – Sacha boots – Kipling bag – Michael Kors watch – Diamanti per Tutti bracelet – C&A cashmere scarf

Even though we’re still getting confused with the occasional day or so – parka season is undoubtedly back. This may be dangerous, considering the fact that I have a slight addiction for these things (six parkas, but who’s counting). I’ll miss the summer days when a jacket is hardly needed, but I guess there’s something equally charming about those first fall days as well. Cuddling up into a blanket next to your man friend or hearing it rain outside can be quite cozy (facing that rain is quite another story, but hey). And while it was still bearable to take these pictures in a silk shirt without giving myself a major cold, a parka was most certainly needed to stay warm for the rest of the day.

Parka Season 2 - brunetteblogging.com
Parka Season 4 - brunetteblogging.com
Parka Season 3 - brunetteblogging.com
Parka Season 5 - brunetteblogging.com

Pictures by Paulien



Live in Levi’s

25 09 2014 / BY Brunette Blogging

Live in Levis - brunetteblogging.com

I remember it like it was yesterday. There was music, laughter, bubbles and bloggers – a long-haired brunette took me home that night. I guess she had a real thing for me. I could tell from the way she picked me several times a week, the way she showed me around the world. We walked and explored the streets of Manhattan, the cold beaches in Wissant or the steep city steps of Lisbon. After all those years she really wore me out, but I can tell she still loves me nonetheless. Together, we created memories. A first kiss with a new love, I was there. Picturesque moments with friends, I was there. Oh so many outings at events and abroad, I was there. A life that simply can’t be forgotten or thrown away. I may be a little older now and got some wrinkles along the way, but my brunette has more things in store for me. One of these days, she’s gonna cut my locks a little bit shorter – to make sure we can spend some more time together. I’ve always dreamt of spending my older years at the beach anyway.

You may have guessed it by now: this little story is my interpretation of the #LiveinLevis campaign – which gives you the opportunity to share your favorite story about your favorite denim (mine’s the Levi’s curve ID). I hope you liked reading mine, but now it’s your turn to entertain me! Together with Levi’s, I’m giving away one voucher worth 130 Euros to spend on your Levi’s item of liking. What do you have to do? Share your #LiveinLevis short story on Instagram and make sure to tag and follow @brunetteblogging and @levis_netherlands in the process (otherwise, I can’t track down your story). Don’t forget the #LiveinLevis hashtag! This competition is open for Belgian readers and will end on the 10th of October. Good luck!

I’m wearing the denim jacket from the 501 icons collection.