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  • Meatpacking District // Brunette Blogging
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    Meatpacking District

    New York is full of fun neighborhoods to explore, but the Meatpacking District is definitely amongst my favorites. There’s the famous Chelsea (or smaller Gansevoort) market, the lovely ...

    On 06/12/2016 / By
  • Dumbo // Brunette Blogging
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    Venturing out to Brooklyn is pretty much a must these days when you’re taking a trip to New York, whether it’s your first of fifth time. Dumbo and ...

    On 29/11/2016 / By
  • Sunrise in New York City // Brunette Blogging
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    Sunrise in New York City

    When you’re completely ready to start your day and shoot at sunrise, you know you’re in New York (#jetlagproblems). Even though it’s not common for me to be ...

    On 24/11/2016 / By
  • Coney Island // Brunette Blogging
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    Coney Island

    Coney Island had been on my “to see” list since my last trip to New York two years ago, but since the subway drive there takes an hour ...

    On 17/11/2016 / By
  • Camo Jacket // Brunette Blogging
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    The Blue Forest

    Another Sunday was well spent this weekend at the beautiful (and quite famous) Hallerbos. Spring is truly magical here when the forest is covered with bluebells (hence the ...

    On 08/11/2016 / By
  • Powder Pink Trench // Brunette Blogging
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    Time for a little flash back to Berlin, where we shot these pictures at Tempelhof. This dusty rose trench was a fun find at H&M a while ago, ...

    On 02/11/2016 / By


Latest in Lifestyle

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24 hours in Madrid with C&A

8AM: An early wake-up call and some stressful moments at airport security later, I arrive just in time at the gate for boarding. Time to leave the stress ...

On 10/11/2016 / By

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