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Bye Bye, Brad

30 09 2010 / BY Brunette Blogging

We’ve come to another season ending, and accompanying that is also some big news (well, for the fans at least). Yesterday, it was reported by People that Brad Goreski, Rachel Zoe’s assistant, is parting ways with her to start on his own.  As someone who watches the show, I find this quite sad because he was so funny and a great addition to the show. I don’t know what the show will look like next season, or even if there will be another season. Of course, it’s perfectly understandable that everybody has the need to move on :) and during this last episode, it already became clear that Brad started feeling that way (I realize that these episodes are taped beforehand, but I guess back then there already was an indication that he was thinking about it). Here are a few quotes from the episode to prove the point:

“There’s really never any time to breathe and I’m starting to feel suffocated.”

“All of us on the team, and all of us that are around Rachel all the time are definitely feeling like we’re needing a break from it.”

This one really made me laugh: “Am I turning into Taylor?”

Well, I can’t say I blame him for needing a break. I would be very cranky too if my boss jumped in my bed while I was still sleeping and started listing all the things you need to do that day.

Other than that, I loved the dress Rachel picked for herself and the one Anne Hathaway wore to the Met Costume Gala.

Tell me: are you a fan of the show and will you miss Brad?



These boots are made for walking

29 09 2010 / BY Brunette Blogging

Vintage boots – H&M dress – Urban Outfitters cardigan and earrings – Michael Kors watch

Now that it’s officially cold here, it’s time to take my beloved boots out of the shoe closet. I bought these about three years ago in a vintage store (Foxhole) in Brussels, and I can say they are one of my best buys ever. Only 30€ and I’ve worn them many, many times. If you follow or read Le Blog de Betty you may have seen them before :) I think she has the same pair, right? You can “like” me on facebook now! I added some vacation pictures there if you want to take a peek :)