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Flower Power

28 10 2010 / BY Brunette Blogging

H&M dress & headband – Zara shoes & knitted cardigan – Urban Outfitters bag & bracelet – Michael Kors watch – Sephora nail polish

Since the weather is so gray and rainy, I decided a colorful outfit was the perfect way to brighten up my day. This dress always makes me think of Los Angeles, since I bought it there. Oh, L.A., how I miss you and your crazy people now. It’s been a while since I’ve traveled (well, since September at least) and I feel like going away again. New York pt. 2? London pt. 5? Or Aruba pt. 1? (my bf was born there). Let me dream for now…



The City: over and done

27 10 2010 / BY Brunette Blogging

As you may or may not have heard, the reality show The City has been canceled. The news was confirmed on Monday by the star of the show, Whitney Port. This was a bit unexpected for me, I didn’t think they would cancel it after only two seasons. I thought it was one of the better fashion reality shows out there, but I guess MTV thought otherwise. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next big thing, which will most likely be Lauren Conrad’s new reality show. This one will follow her around and will be focused mainly on her clothing line and not on her personal life. Is it wrong that I’m excited for this? I’ll definitely watch it, and I’m pretty sure a lot of other people will too.

Anyway, back to The City. The spin-off show from The Hills focused on Whitney Port’s life in New York, trying to pursuit a career in fashion and establishing her own clothing line Whitney Eve. She pretty much succeeded in doing that, I’d say. The show however was always pretty fake (just like The Hills) when it came to personal relationships, but I just tried to look past that and focused on the clothing.

In most cases, I really loved Whitney’s style and her personality (or the way she was portrayed in the show at least :)) so I’m sad to see the show go. Au revoir, The City! I’ll miss you! If you want to stay updated about Whitney’s life, you can follow her blog here.