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Types of bloggers

30 11 2010 / BY Brunette Blogging

We all have our favorite bloggers, maybe they’re famous, maybe they’re not. Some people may not like any of the popular bloggers out there, but we all know who they are and what they do. Why are they the ones with a successful blog, you might wonder? No one really has the answer to that. I personally think it’s a mix of luck, connections, (sometimes) talent and relatability. I’ve been wandering and surfing around the blogosphere for quite some time now and I’ve noticed that well-known bloggers generally can be categorized into little boxes, which is what I did, for fun! Any of these sound familiar to you?

The sweet one: She’s the one who has the girl-next-door qualities. We all want to be her best friend, and everything she does, seems to go perfect. It looks like she lives in a fairy tale, where there are only cupcakes, fluffy clouds, shiny things and unicorns present. She seems nice and friendly, is pretty and her boyfriend or husband takes her pictures. Her favorite color is soft pink.

The bitchy one: She’s the one you love to hate. The girl who always was too cool for school, doesn’t give a crap about what anyone thinks and gives her opinion, no matter what. She hardly includes text in her posts but prefers some weird, abstract quote that’s supposed to “say it all”. She prefers to wear some cool, undiscovered designer instead of high-fashion labels. She does, however, own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platforms.

The quiet one: What to say about this one, she doesn’t talk! All you get are pictures, which are usually very pretty to look at. That sort of makes up for the fact that they don’t tell you anything about their lives. Sort of. Sometimes we would like to know more about what’s going on in these pictures. Where are you? What are you doing there? What do you do in life? Tell us your feelings, thoughts, anything!

The fashionable one: What’s the difference here with the other ones, you ask? The other three are also fashionable of course, but the fashionable one has her focus on, well, fashion. You see her in the latest designer pieces, mixed with the It-bag du jour and impossible heels to walk in. She goes to all the fabulous parties and is friends with some designers or fashion editors. She can also be classified as the non-talkative or bitchy one.

Which popular blogger belongs in these categories according to you?

P.S. Clearly this is just a goofy little article of mine, I don’t actually know these people or what they’re really like in person :) Sometimes it’s just fun to exaggerate a bit. Oh, I realize that’s a totally random picture, but it’s true right?



Winter Wool

26 11 2010 / BY Brunette Blogging

H&M coat & mittens – Zara scarf – Mango dress – Topshop flats

These days, it feels like night and day are almost the same thing. It starts getting dark at four in the afternoon, which makes me want to crawl in front of a fireplace really :) Yesterday, we had our first “snow” here! Not that I’m so fond of snow, it causes too much traffic problems and it gets all dirty when people start walking in it. But I have to admit, there is something romantic about a snow filled landscape :) We shot these pictures a couple of days ago and it was crazy how fast the light was gone! One minute it was there (well barely, since it was a particularly gray day), the next it was gone. Anyway, right now I’m kind of liking the gray, cold weather for some reason (which is weird since I’m a Summer lover). What about you? Enjoy your weekends and see you next week! Have some fun new stuff to show you :)