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New Year

30 12 2010 / BY Brunette Blogging

Topshop dress & necklace – Urban Outfitters cardigan – Vintage boots – Michael Kors watch

You’ll have to excuse me ladies and gents. I know there’s been a lack of outfit posts this week, but I’ve caught a terrible cold so I wasn’t feeling very photogenic :). However, I still wanted to give you a glimpse of the dress I’ll be wearing on New Year’s eve (not that I felt any more photogenic today, maybe that’s why I picked the blurry shots). This has to be the first year where I already know what I’m gonna wear, so that should save me a couple of hours. This year, we’ll be celebrating at the apartment of my boyfriend and his roomies, which means lots of preparations still have to get done. Already looking forward to it, and I’m hoping the sickness won’t stop me! What are your plans for the big night? See you in the new year! Have fun :)



The best of Twenty Ten

29 12 2010 / BY Brunette Blogging

Today we’re still looking back at 2010 and for this post I want to take the time to highlight some of the best outfits, articles & features chosen by you and me! First we’ll start with what you liked best in 2010…

Most Viewed Outfits

As you all know, outfits are a big part of this blog, and they’re one of my favorite things to do! So it’s very interesting to see which outfits you seemed to like the most (this is based on how many individual views each outfit post got, not on comments), tell me if the statistics are correct :) Which 2010 outfit was your favorite?

1. Leopard Heels (this one is definitely on my list too!)
2. These boots are made for walking
3. Sky High shoes
4. Two Tone blazer
5. Three in a row

Most Viewed Articles

The short articles I started writing a while ago mean quite a lot to me. That’s why I’m happy that a lot of you seem to enjoy reading them. Stay tuned for more of these in 2011! Which one did you like best?

1. Holiday Survival Guide
2. Shoes that are too weird for me
3. Blogging Blues
4. Types of Bloggers – my personal favorite! (together with number 3, I suck at choosing)
5. The phases of blogging

Personal Favorites

Not all the outfits & articles made the top 5 of course, so I wanted to give these four some extra spotlight since they were personal favorites of mine.

Scarf up ++ Green thumb ++ Chunky Knit ++ Article: Why new clothes give me warm fuzzy feelings

Best Features

Honestly, this is almost impossible to choose! I really appreciate every single feature I see, but if I have to make a “best of” (which is kind of the point of this post :)) I’d have to say being picked four times as Look of the Day on Fabsugar was pretty cool. Also on the list is the mention of my article “Holiday Survival Guide” in the IFB Links à la mode. Last but not least is the Giveaway collaboration with VivaVintage! It was very pleasant working with Miriam and I was flattered she picked my blog to host the Giveaway. Thanks for the love!

Are there any posts that were your favorite but didn’t make the cut? Tell me :) Happy New Year to all of you (I’ll say this again on Friday) and I can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store for me & this blog!