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Blog Bashing

01 02 2011 / BY Brunette Blogging

Welcome, dear reader. Today we will talk about the bashing of fashion bloggers. I’m sure you have all heard or read something one time or another concerning the war between magazine editors and fashion bloggers. Sounds kind of dramatic, like hyenas trying to devour each other, but there’s both love and hate going on in this story. You see, on one side, there’s the love. Bloggers are recognized by magazines, which is pretty amazing. They get featured, interviewed & often even contribute to the magazine. Sadly, there’s also the hate. Magazine editors feel like bloggers are taking their place. One of the best examples is where 13 year old blogger Tavi Gevinson was sitting front-row with that enormous bow on her head. I don’t blame people for being pissed off here. You can make all the fashion statements you want, but if you’re going to block other people’s sight, it’s NORMAL that they get annoyed. So no, it is not all happiness, sunshine and rainbows in fashion land. This recent quote from Franca Sozanni (Italian Vogue) about personal style bloggers is another one that caused a bit of controversy.

“They don’t offer an opinion but only talk about themselves, take their own pictures wearing absurd outfits. What’s the point? I don’t even know who they are except a few names because they are so many and all the same, they are so worried about what to wear to get noticed that my eyes only see a crowd in the end. These aren’t people who have been working in fashion too long to end up criticizing everything, the shows, and they don’t have a background in fashion so they are not conditioned by their knowledge or interests. There comments are naif and enthusiastic. They don’t hold a real importance in the business.”

Full post here. (FYI : misuse of “there” and “their” makes my skin crawl. For other words you need to stop misspelling I’d like to refer you to this awesome comic.)

Taking pictures of yourself in weird outfits.
Not all of us wear weird outfits. Most of us like to show our personal style, that is often way more approachable than what you see on the runway. In all fairness, I sometimes don’t understand the style of certain people, ’cause it looks like they dress weird on purpose to stand out. For some reason, that pisses me off, yet I try to stay open-minded. If I don’t like a certain blog, I’ll just click away and not leave annoying anonymous hate comments. When it comes to this matter, I think it’s a bit pretentious to think you’re the only one “capable” of defining good taste.

The point.
What’s the point? There really isn’t a point besides that it’s fun. The blogger can be creative & experiment with his or her style. What’s the point of you showing us expensive clothes worn by skinny models who have weird make-up on in your magazine? Fashion lovers like looking at creative, beautiful images and I think that’s exactly the same thing that bloggers are trying to achieve with their pictures.

Quantity and Quality.
I think the biggest problem that magazine editors and other bloggers may have with certain popular bloggers is that there’s a lot of quantity on their blog (lots of readers, followers and posts) but not a lot of quality. This may be annoying because magazine editors are putting in a lot of work & then feel like they’re overshadowed by some young girl who just posts a ton of pictures of herself. It also may be annoying to small bloggers because they are probably working their butts off and it seems that some bloggers don’t really have to do that much for their success.

Now, as you can see, I’m putting an emphasis on certain words because I want to make clear that I do know that a lot of bloggers that have made it to the top work really hard & deserve their success.
It’s the never-ending battle between magazine editors and fashion bloggers! Whose side are you on ;)?


  • http://fotwb.blogspot.com/ Alisha Ross

    I’d just like to point out that if you go on to read the rest of the article rather than the few small mean points that you have taken out, you can see that she is not completely against the fashion blogger, she even states that their opinions can be good. She is just stating that having not worked in the industry their opinions are less valid, which is a very good point. I can see why fashion journalists would feel resentment to us bloggers because for us this is a hobby, whereas for them it is a career, and yet they are almost being pushed out of their front row status in order to make room for the bloggers. The people to truly blame here are the designers as they assign the seats. Personally I think the article is not as harsh on the bloggers as you have portrayed it.

    • http://brunetteblogging.com brunetteblogging

      I read the entire article, so I know what she said. I chose this quote because I wanted to react on that specific part. There’s a link to the full post, so I’m giving people a chance to read what she has to say. I can certainly understand her point of view, I’m basically defending the blogger’s point of view. Blogging may be a hobby to a lot of people, but you can’t deny that there are bloggers out there who have made it their career. I think they are often (not always) equally smart or talented compared to the fashion journalists. I admit that it’s possible that she thinks the same about certain bloggers, as you pointed out. I basically used her quote to write about this topic, because it fascinates me and it’s certainly not the first time something like this has occurred. I personally think that bloggers and fashion journalists can and should co-exist, but I understand that it can be frustrating to see a blogger sitting front row, just because he or she is immensely popular. Anyway, thanks for the critical feedback!

      • http://www.dejavuaffair.co.uk Lou Johnson

        Great reply. =] and great post! (I stumbled across your blog yesterday and everytime I read an article I tell myself that this is the last one for today and I ought to go get some of my own work done but then I see another link to another intruiging post and…well as you can see I am still here.)
        Is it too simplistic to just throw my hands into the air and cry “AWW SURELY THERE’S ENOUGH ROOM FOR EVERYBODY HERE!”? xx

        • http://brunetteblogging.com Brunette Blogging

          Haha thanks for your comments! They made me smile, I’m glad you enjoy reading my articles (work can wait, right?) :)

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  • http://kristy.fulltimefabulous.com kristy

    great post darling! i’m writing something on this topic as well. should be ready in a few days. =)

    i am on the side of bloggers. though i think constructive criticism is good and needed in order to help blogging get even better, i think some people are forgetting the difference between constructive criticism and just not wanting to accept that blogging really means something, it really IS something.

    we’ll just have to change their minds. personally, i love the challenge, don’t you?? =)

    Kristy Eléna – Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  • http://fashionforteens.wordpress.com/ Liza

    This was such an interesting post. I just saw your blog on the independent fashion bloggers links a la mode list and I love it. I’m a fashion blogger as well and I want to be a magazine editor later on (right now I’m only in high school). I didn’t realize that there was such a dislike of each other. I think that blogging is just fun, like you said. It’s a hobby for me because I love fashion and feel that blogging is a way of expressing yourself. I post outfit of the day pictures but also offer fashion and beauty tips, so I think there is a point to blogging. I want to provide advice for teens but also just a fun and interesting site. It does bother me when people wear extremely weird outfits that look like they are trying to dress odd. Unfortunately, I feel that Tavi falls into that category. I really don’t understand why she got so much recognition and don’t like her style at all. Admittedly, I would say I’m a bit jealous of other well known bloggers just because I’m new to blogging and put a lot of effort into it. There really are so many lesser known but better blogs out there. So I can understand both sides as magazine editors really do have more experience (usually) and bloggers can have a valid viewpoint too.

  • http://mrsbossa.blogspot.com/ Mrs Bossa

    Hers was a massive generalisation, unfair to those bloggers who work so hard at what they love doing. As someone else said, we can’t resent the Big Bloggers their successes. The beauty of blogging is the amount and variety of choice it gives readers, and I personally think the sheer amount of talent out there is quite astounding. I think the situation will improve over time – Sozzani’s comments notwithstanding, the fashion world has embraced blogs more enthusiastically than I would’ve expected…!

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  • http://ingridslifeandluxury.blogspot.com/ Ingrid

    i’m on the fashion editor’s side more…or less…it’s difficult 2 pick sides, but there are a lot of fashion bloggers out there who have no clue and no background which is relevant in order for them to be able and criticize magazines etc….

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  • http://fatchic.net Diana

    Because I write about plus size fashion, this editor vs. blogger conflict is virtually non-existent. The magazine editors there are run online magazines, and are subject to much of the same rules and limitations that I am. Since it’s still a growing fashion niche, I think we’re all cemented by an understanding that we’re all in this together – and are all equally legitimate because we’re giving any voice at all to our area of fashion.

  • http://fashionmoriarty.blogspot.com/ A

    Brilliant post.

    When I read the bit about Tavi, I felt I had to say something:

    Not to endure the wrath of her, my junior by 3 years, or her 17000+ followers, but the whole bow thing? That was a prettuy stupid stunt to pull. She seems intelligent enough, why do that?

    Unless she’s clever enough to think that people aren’t allowed to get mad at her because she’s a kid. In which case she’s probably right.

    In any case, it still annoyed me beyond reason!

    Calm now :)

  • http://tastesandstyle.blogspot.com Marissa

    Hi love! I’m new to your blog, visiting from IFB Links a La Mode. The title of your post instantly caught my eye and I hurried on over to read it. You did such a fabulous job! I read Sozanni’s article and it completely brushed me the wrong way, too.. for many of the same reasons you posted. However, I feel the same about the way some bloggers present themselves, their blogs, their photos, or their outfits. Sometimes, I feel as if they do dress “ridiculous” just to gain attention or whatever it may be. (Personally, I don’t feel like I wear “weird” outfits, nor do I try to, just to be a “certain kind of blogger”.) Sometimes, I try to find one piece in the outfit I like and leave a short but nice comment just to acknowledge the blogger, other times I just navigate to another page, as you said.

    I don’t really understand why editors are “mad” that bloggers have gained the positions they do. Blogging is writing, a magazine is writing. Blogging includes photos and shoots, just as magazines do. Blogging obviously doesn’t cost as much money as producing a magazine, but it’s just like any other profession that doesn’t cost as much. It’s another form of editorial work that can be done.

    Anyways, I could say so much, but it’s enough for now.


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  • http://LifesObsessions.com Tymbre

    Awesome post. I to have the same problem when I visit certain blogs, I feel you post all of these photos of yourself and have no tips, advice, nothing. So I began to think, are they obsessed with their selves? Not my concern, because I also understand that as a blogger … first and foremost it is a hobby and we choose whatever content makes us happy. Whether the content/quality is great or not.

    I will always blog consistently about things I am into (fashion). Other wise it wouldn’t be YOUR blog. And for a Magazine Editor to down play bloggers like all this copying/pasting/writing/editing/researching and networking isn’t time consuming, that’s just not fair.


    • http://styleofmine.wordpress.com F_Le_Rulz

      I’m probably one of those bloggers who only post pictures of my outfits and no tips. However, from my viewpoint, I just don’t think I’m in any position to give style advice to anyone. Fashion’s all about being creative and making things up, and who am I to tell someone else *how* to create an outfit? All my ideas about style are contained within my outfit pictures. If people like the way I dress, great. If they don’t, they don’t have to pay me any attention at all.

  • http://kyotomaiko.blogspot.com Kionon

    I compete with no one. I post whatever I feel like, when I feel like it. I do not have advertisements, and my blog roll is very small.

    There is no battle between magazine editors and me. Afterall, that would presuppose I cared about magazines and/or their editors. I do not.

  • http://www.karma-style.com CamilleA

    I love this post. Blogging is the future, that’s why all the top print mags have ‘blogs’. Blogs are authentic to the author, not defined by an hierarchical system who’s dictating from the top. I personally don’t like outfit blogs because I feel there is no real substance if that’s all there is to a blog. I definitely see myself as a ‘fashionista’ and believe I practice what I preach when it comes to style. I wouldn’t write a style blog if I didn’t. It’s real for me, I’ve had breathed it for over 20 years and have room full of ‘things’ and an imagination of future outfits to prove it.
    The beauty of blogging is the diversity it brings whether you like mine or I like yours, we all bring a new voice to style and other topics of interest.
    To all bloggers out there let’s keep showing the naysayers how it’s done – our way – always.

  • http://www.looksandbooks.com Looks & Books

    Thanks for this thoughtful commentary. I think there’s definitely room for both. Most fashion magazines, especially Vogue, specialize in high fashion, runway shows, and couture. Regular women just can’t afford designer pieces, and while I turn to the glossies to look at pictures and get ideas, I am not inspired by them in the same way that the style blogs of regular women, who are like me, inspire me.

    I also agree with Jo’s comment that it’s a little frustrating that some bloggers who work hard to provide original and varied content, with words and images (myself included), just won’t ever get the hits or followers that the ones who just post several pictures of themselves in copycat outfits of other blogs and talk about not much else beyond their personal lives. I don’t understand it, but there’s nothing we can do except just keep doing whatever makes us happy, and for me, that’s writing about things I’m passionate about, and trying to entertain my audience.

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  • http://ephemeralmaze.wordpress.com Jo

    very eloquent article!

    I can see the fashion editor point of view, as well as the small blogger’s, seeing as how I am one. For various reasons, I don’t post pictures of my outfits, at all. Instead, I focus on finding good topics, news that will have impact on the fashion world, writing thoughtful articles, etc. Is it frustrating that I cherish every hit my blog (which is co-owned, actually) gets, while people that post pictures of their outfits along with 3 words are counting their successes in press features? yes, of course it is. but can we blame them? are they harming anyone? they’re fortunate people doing something they enjoy and that’s that.

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  • http://spela-digitaltraveler.blogspot.com/ spela

    i kind of agree with the first article, i must say im not ugly at all and i have great sence of style, but i dont really put picture of my self on my blog… it makes me feel strange that anyone would like to know what is my dress of the day… yes its fun, i watch this kinds of blogs too, but…most of them …ufff baddddddd. its not that no one wants to see regular peoples style, its just they dont put anything meaningful on their blog, pic, and pic, …they make people even more stupid, and not interested in opinion and articles that people write.. they just want to see pics..i know …where is most comments on my blog? there where i wrote the less and put some pic that ..no one really gets it.. when we will start to care and change the fashion industry….cuz we can!


  • http://inkblotphotography.blogspot.com/ Cate

    i’m not on anyone’s side. i’m a blogger trying to get into the magazine business. i think that the way the world accesses its media is changing, so the way we produce it has to change too. there is a place for bother bloggers and editors in the fashion world.

    • http://brunetteblogging.com brunetteblogging

      I agree. I’m also a blogger who wants to work for magazines, so I strongly believe that both of them can co-exist & see no reason why this wouldn’t be possible.

  • http://www.itsanewkate.blogspot.com Kate

    Great post, I honestly think that bloggers and magazines will start working together more often in the near future, neither of us are going to go away so it’s the only rational solution! :)


  • http://thehouseintheclouds.blogspot.com Fabienne Jach

    As naïve as it may seem I truly believe there’s room for both. Disrespect and generalizations are based on ignorance. Like you said, if you don’t like what someone has to say or show, keep moving. No need to be a hater. That whole thing about being the bigger person and turning the other cheek that my parents instilled in me as a kid does have its place. I exercise it regularly. This is the way I see it: My time on this planet is limited, regardless how long I live. Why would I want to purposefully devote any more than necessary to bad energy?

    Great post!

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  • http://chocandcinnamon.blogspot.com Míriam

    I couldn’t agree more with you: “I sometimes don’t understand the style of certain people, ’cause it looks like they dress weird on purpose to stand out. For some reason, that pisses me off, yet I try to stay open-minded”. It’s so true. I really loved reading this post, for real, you are really good and give some good insights.

  • http://flashesofstyle.blogspot.com Bonnie

    Totally on the fashion blogger side! We are just regular gals putting what we have out there.

    Love your outfit below, by the way.

    xx Bonnie

  • http://kattyandcie.blogspot.com Katty

    I soo agree with you ! Who is that chick to talk this way ! That’s not because she is a professional fashion whatever she is, that she has the right to speak this way ! That’s too bad that she doesn’t see your article ! Becvause you shut her up in it ! Otherwise I found very blog soo cool ! Your outfit and everything ! I fount it I don’t remember how on the internet and voilà !

  • Erin

    Hey this is a great post. Like someone has already said, I can see where the magazines are coming from but I think everyone has a right to show off their style to the world if that is what they wish to do. I personally enjoy reading blogs where the blogger is a bit more creative than just wearing designer clothing and accessories. Blogs where they make their own clothes or alter stuff from op shops are great. I think they interest me most because I love to sew and go op shopping and then adjust the clothing I get, instead of buying designer stuff or clothes from stores that EVERYONE goes to. Anyways, just my personal view. I think Tavi’s blog is pretty good but I have found lesser known blogs that I have enjoyed much more. I think it’s because I have found bloggers with similar style/taste in clothes as me.

    Anyhoo another great post that I enjoyed reading, I love your blog it’s so informative. I am seriously considering starting a blog but I thought it would be better if I did a bit of research and brainstorming instead of just jumping in without giving it much thought.

  • http://krizia-shark-attack.blogspot.com Krizia

    Haaaa, de eeuwige strijd.
    Voor mij staan bloggers ietsje dichter bij het grote publiek dan grote fashion editors,
    en zijn ze meer toegankelijker. Dat is wat ik er juist zo leuk aan vind.

    En Tavi haar blog lees ik nooit.
    Véél te lange teksten (na één zin ben ik het al beu) en haar kledingstijl spreekt me gewoon niet aan. :D

    x Krizia


  • http://thegirloverboard.tumblr.com Diana, Songs and Fairy Tales

    Very interesting post here! To be honest, I can understand whre that fashion editor comes and I totally agree with her that (some) fashion bloggers do not have the skills to judge a show/collection or whatever.
    But then again, I don’t read those kind of blogs. Each of us started a blog for a reason..and it’s about time that fashion editors understand that it’s not only about what we wear on a daily basis. I guess they’re just to afraid of ‘normal’ girl coming into their world!

  • http://www.absolutelymrsk.blogspot.com absolutely mrs. k

    What I realize is the fact that big brands do not make you beautiful, you just THINK you are beautiful. I once saw a women dressed in all the big brands entering Louis Vuitton. It was hideous: a Chanel skirt does not work with a Versace blouse. But hey she was going to spend some money, so she was welcomed with a big smile. My point is: fashion blogging is showing clothing in a normal setting (okay, the big bloggers have an enormous styling team and very expensive camera’s). But you can see different brands in one outfit. It’s just another way of marketing. Fashion in all its aspects is a cruel world.

  • Rien

    Ik eet van twee walletjes, denk ik :-). Ik lees graag stapels magazines, maar ook blogs checken vind ik leuk als tussendoortje. Behalve als de blog(ger/ster) voor geen meter kan schrijven, dan haak ik af. Heb net zoals jij een bloedhekel aan schrijffouten, en daarom kom ik zo graag naar jouw blog ;-). Altijd fris, goed en vrolijk geschreven! Two very enthousiastic thumbs up :-)

    • http://brunetteblogging.com brunetteblogging

      Ik was een beetje aan het wachten op jouw reactie :) Ik geniet zeker ook van beide, en zou zeker niet willen dat de magazines verdwijnen, maar ik moet toch toegeven dat als ik dan zo’n superleuke blog vind dat ik daar (persoonlijk) meer van kan genieten. Anyway, thx for the thumbs ;)

  • http://http://mybestfriendslittlesister.blogspot.com/ MBLS

    Really like your perspective. It’s very balanced and frankly quite refreshing.

  • http://stylingdutchman.blogspot.com annebeth
    • http://brunetteblogging.com brunetteblogging

      Haha, ok is inderdaad niet zo erg als je zou denken. Ik denk dat het gewoon komt omdat je mensen die groot zijn nu eenmaal niet veel kan verwijten, en mensen die opzettelijk een grote stik aandoen, wél! haha :D

  • http://stylingdutchman.blogspot.com annebeth

    Sja, ik heb persoonlijk het gevoel dat mode soms wel heel ver van de “echte” wereld afstaat, en bloggers brengen die link weer een beetje terug door een soort in-between te vormen. Los daarvan ben ik het vooral eens met Lulu’s mening (van luluandyourmom) dat bloggers eigenlijk veeleer vergelijkbaar zijn met celebrities dan met modejournalisten, of toch de bloggers die veel eigen persoonlijkheid in hun blog stoppen. Ik zie de twee dus niet echt als concurrenten van elkaar, het zijn gewoon twee verschillende werelden.

    Over Tavi: haar strik kwam op zich niet hoger dan het hoofd van een “normaal” persoon aangezien Tavi echt belachelijk klein is, dus zoals ze zelf postte als reactie op het debacle: je kon achter haar ongeveer even goed de show zien als achter een volwassene met grote gaten in z’n hoofd, dus eigenlijk was je beter af achter Tavi’s strik dan achter een normaal persoon zonder hoed :D

    over mijn eigen post: ik bedoelde het ook absoluut niet negatief naar Sofia en andere bloggers die hun ongezouten mening geven he. Er is natuurlijk een plaats voor eerlijkheid en klachten binnen de blogwereld, maar je moet het, zoals jij doet, met een beetje humor brengen. Zelfrelativering en een bijklank van “dit irriteert me nu gvd”. Maar heel veel bloggers (llymlrs om er maar 1 te noemen) doen de laatste tijd bijna niets anders dan zeuren in hun blogposts, en niet op een humoristische manier maar op een “oh kijk hoe onrechtvaardig de wereld is en hoe zielig ik ben” manier. Dat vind ik echt rot irritant en ZO onvolwassen :D Llymrls bijv vindt het irritant als mensen haar vragen welke schoenen ze aanheeft omdat zij nu eenmaal haar schoenen niet post. En als je haar iets vraagt reageert ze heel erg kortaf, en dan zit ze in haar post te zeuren dat mensen haar bitchig en hautain vinden overkomen. Ja sorry, maar daar kan ik niet tegen.

    Of dat hele gedoe over negatieve reacties en “bullying”. Ik heb echt nog nooit iets gezien (eender waar op blogs) dat ik erg genoeg vond om de hetze waard te zijn, dus ik snap niet waar al die bloggers over door blijven zeuren.

    En ja, their/there etc is RETE irritant :D

    • http://brunetteblogging.com brunetteblogging

      Ik vind ook dat bloggers en journalisten niet dezelfde job uitoefenen. Het leuke aan bloggen is dat je net kan zeggen wat je wilt zonder dat je aan iemand verantwoording hoeft af te leggen. Bij een magazine is dat natuurlijk iets helemaal anders. Het zijn inderdaad twee verschillende dingen, maar je merkt toch dat ze in elkaars vaarwater komen (bv. bloggers die ook aanwezig zijn op mode-events, bloggers die schrijven voor een magazine of magazines die zelf ook een blog opstarten).

      Ik kende de blogger llymlrs nog niet, heb snel eens een kijkje genomen, maar ga straks nog eens zoeken naar haar “zaagposts”. Hoe je het beschrijft, kan ik mij best inbeelden dat dat vervelend kan zijn!

      Mss dat de negatieve reacties waarover de bloggers zeuren ook niet gepubliceerd worden? Het is denk ik vaak zo dat ze wel mails krijgen of anonieme commentaren en dat kan echt vervelend zijn. Het is natuurlijk het beste om dat gewoon zo te laten en er niet op in te gaan, want “haters” zullen er altijd zijn & ik vind het zelf maar vrij zielig als ze niet eens durven uitkomen voor hun identiteit, da’s gewoon laf. Ik heb er alleszins ook nog niet veel last van gehad, maar er zullen altijd mensen zijn die het niet eens zijn met wat je doet, ik heb gewoon besloten dat ik mij daar niet veel meer van aantrek & gewoon doe wat ik graag doe.

      • http://stylingdutchman.blogspot.com annebeth

        Ik zie hier en daar wel eens een negatieve post a la “jesus you are a bitch” ofzo op een post waar een meisje gewoon foto’s van haar outfit toont. Als mensen dat bij mij zouden doen zou ik het gewoon absurd vinden: heel vaak is de commentaar gewoon echt NERGENS op gebaseerd, en dan zie ik niet in waarom het beledigend zou kunnen zijn. Om iets als een belediging op te vatten moet je minstens zelf geloven dat het een beetje op waarheid berust, vind ik :D want dan is het confronterend. Anders is het gewoon stom.

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  • http://www.arashmazinani.com Arash Mazinani

    Great post I read the full article she wrote somewhere and I think she’s just a little annoyed that times are changing. While I’m sure printed media will never completely die and even if they do convert it to a digital format there is something about an uncensored, unedited voice that the big magazines cannot compete with.

  • http://www.fashionata.be Fashionata

    Leuk artikel weer! Ik moet eerlijk zeggen dat ik veel liever blogs lees dan magazines. Sommige magazines koop ik nog voor de editorials maar dat is het dan ook…. Het leuke aan blogs is dat je een kijkje krijgt in het leven van iemand en die persoonlijke touch heb je bij magazines helemaal niet.