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08 02 2011 / BY Brunette Blogging

Since weather is the number one topic when it comes to small talk and since I believe it has such a strong effect on people’s mood, I decided to do a weather-related post. I think I’m just sick of winter and really want spring to happen. I already have next week’s topic in my head for an article regarding the blogosphere & I have a feeling it will be a goodie. But for now, I hope you enjoy something a little more off topic, about how living in a place where you have actual seasons (California, you don’t count!) can have a serious impact on your blog…

Winter. The toughest time of the year when it comes to blogging. Well, at least when you’re taking outfit pictures. You almost have to resort to wearing thermal underwear when it comes to taking pictures outside and as if dealing with the cold isn’t enough, there’s usually a decent amount of snow on the floor which means you can’t wear those cute suede booties that you picked out for that outfit. Heels are even more out of the question, unless you actually want break your neck. Bye, bye fashion, hello ugly snow boots!
Once you gather up the courage to step outside – long johns, check! snow boots, check! light, … wait! Where did the light go? During this season, you usually have to deal with a lot of gray skies and taking pictures after work is pretty much a no-go since it feels like 1 AM when it’s only 5 PM. Is it Summer yet?

Spring. No more snow, no more icy wind and maybe an occasional hot day where you can show off your legs (the paleness of these will probably leave some people blinded, but you have to start showing them sometime, right?). In other words, we can all relax and go outside again. This season’s perfect to put on floral dresses & cute cardigans and you can finally wear flats or delicate shoes again. The softness of spring is perfect for your pictures, since Nature usually stops being a bitch and is on your side again. Along with spring comes trees that are in bloom, soft sunlight and beautiful flowers; all in all the perfect setting. Warning: Nature’s hormones can start acting up during this season, so watch out for these mood swings that could cause rain showers in the middle of a shoot.

Summer. After months of being white as a ghost, you can finally start showing off your tan. No more tights, sweaters or scarves, it’s time to show some skin, ladies. Sweating your ass off in the sun trying to get that tan is worth the effort, since it pretty much guarantees that everything in your wardrobe will look better on you. That’s just what a sun-kissed glow can do for a person. With all those floaty chiffon dresses, big sun hats, slippers and pictures on the beach, your blog suddenly starts looking like an ad straight from a travel catalog.

Fall. Here we go again. As much as fall can provide beautiful colors and backdrops, in Belgium it pretty much means one thing. Rain, rain and some more rain. If we’re lucky, there will be a lost summer day popping up in October but that’s more a wonder of nature than a common thing. One thing I guarantee you’ll see on blogs during fall: Blogger X in the woods, throwing leaves up in the air (I’m guilty of that too, however not on the blog – yet). Maybe next fall, but let me enjoy spring first.

What’s your favorite season? You can probably tell mine from this list – I’m definitely a summer girl!


  • Katrin

    Fan van de tussenseizoenen, herfst en lente dus, met een kleine voorkeur voor de herfst.
    Fantasiepanties, kniekousen, mutsen, sjaals,… maar toch nog niet zo koud dat je jezelf in drie lagen wol en fleece moet wikkelen, ergo; eruit moet zien als de verschrikkelijke Bigfoot, om een beetje op normale temperatuur te zijn.

  • http://www.glamour-blog.com Cindy

    Ik hou van de herfst, maar niet van de regen, dus dat bekijk ik dan als een detail hehe.
    Of dan de zomer, maar tegen het einde toe!

    Hele leuke post om te lezen, is zo eens helemaal iets anders :)
    & zoals iedereen al zegt; je schrijft echt goed!

    Fijne zondag meid xx

  • http://dogsanddresses.blogspot.com/ Elien

    Heerlijke post! Mijn favoriete seizoen is toch lente, ik hou niet van extreme temperaturen. Maar wat kijk ik er naar uit om zonder jas te fietsen!! :)

  • http://not-a-doll.blogspot.com Jantine

    En verder wil ik alles zeggen wat Paulien al gezegd heeft haha ;) (favoriete seizoen is lente en je schrijft geweldig!)

  • http://delapen.com/ LoudPen

    Cool post! I agree the weather does have a significant effect one’s mood. Lately, I’ve been having the winter blues and it’s made me not want to blog. My best season is summer b/c it’s warm and NYC is the best in the summer. I can’t wait for the weather to get warm so I can get over these winter blues.

  • http://fashionlimbo.com Fashion Limbo

    hehe loved this post, a very appropriate round up. I really I’m in awe of anyone taking outfit pics from October to…April as you mentioned Belgium is a tad irregular when it comes to changes of temperature. Some of us try taking pictures inside, but it just isn’t the same.

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  • http://kyotomaiko.blogspot.com Kionon

    Southern USA: Fall
    Northern USA: Summer
    Australia: Summer
    Japan: Summer

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  • http://ephemeralmaze.wordpress.com Jo

    ha, how very true!
    I’ve never been as sick of winter as I’ve got this year and it’s exactly due to how unblogging-friendly it is!

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  • http://polienne.blogspot.com Paulien

    So true! Mijn favorieten zijn toch april en mei. Lekker warm, maar niet té zodat je nog steeds dat oh-zo-mooie lentejasje kan dragen :-) En de alom vertegenwoordigde bloesem en het zachte zonlicht niet te vergeten.. Nog twee maanden wachten! :-)

    Ik blijf het zeggen; je schrijft zò goed! Studeer je iets journalistiek-achtigs?

    • http://brunetteblogging.com brunetteblogging

      Dankjewel! Ik heb journalistiek gestudeerd ja, en daarna heb ik mijn master communicatiewetenschappen gedaan. Momenteel mijn eerste stapjes aan het zetten om er mijn beroep van te maken :)

  • http://www.hivennn.blogspot.com jazzy elizabeth

    Haha I love this post a lot. It’s so cute, funny, clever and included no ;) :P :) etc. Amazing.

  • http://stayinthelines.blogspot.com Jaclyn

    I definitely agree with you about winter! I hate taking photos outside and lately I’ve been staring at my summer dresses and shoes wishing I could throw them on and go shoot. Can’t wait to try out some of the great spring clothes. I think that is my favorite time of year.

    Great post :)

  • http://www.arashmazinani.com Arash Mazinani

    I’m not an outfit blogger so I don’t worry about the seasons for building outfits. However, I do prefer spring/summer mainly because it’s lighter for longer. Everyone is usually in a better mood and you just feel more energetic when it’s hot as well.


  • http://rosalovesdc.tumblr.com/ RosaLovesDC

    Fall is my favorite season. I grew up in warm climate (correction, HOT climate) so I was always looking forward to colder temperatures.

  • http://krizia-shark-attack.blogspot.com Krizia

    Geef mij maar de lente, ik kan niet tegen te veel warmte, hihi.
    En mijn huid is ook niet geschikt voor te veel zon. :(

    x Krizia


  • http://stylingdutchman.blogspot.com annebeth

    Yep, zomer is mijn favoriet ook :) ik hou wel van de laagjes voor herfst en winter, maar de HOOP van de lente (ja ik neem dit heel serieus, haha) en het gelukkige, relaxete gevoel van de zomer zijn toch m’n favorieten.

    het licht is inderdaad verschrikkelijk in de winter :(

  • http://potpiedumonde.tumblr.com potpie du monde

    What a thoughtful post- I really enjoy your writing!

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  • http://tashrin.blogspot.com Tashrin

    It was such a unique post. I agree with each and every point you made, but what I like the most is the sheer genius of writing about this topic.


  • http://www.lookbooks.fr ANGELA DONAVA

    Belle photo!!!