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High Heeled

31 03 2011 / BY Brunette Blogging

Mango shirt – Zara jeans – New Look shoes – Topshop purse – Michael Kors watch

There are times when a woman has to make sacrifices for the greater good. Not that I’m sure what the greater good would be in this case (me being taller so that I am able to save kitties from a high tree?), but that expression “it hurts to be beautiful” (actually I’m not sure if this is the right translation. In Dutch we would say “wie mooi wil zijn, moet lijden”) definitely made sense on the day I wore these heels. I love these shoes, they’re pretty, elegant and have a scalloped edge. However, I could not feel my feet after spending a night wearing them at an event. Well, practice makes perfect, so maybe I should try again :) I’m not sure if the pain has to do with my lack of heel-experience or the shoes themselves, but if I gather up the courage to wear them again, I’ll let you know :) So basically, this is what I wore to the Closet event last week. Good times.

Today will be rather busy! After running all kinds of errands, I’m going to Antwerp to attend two events (River Island & Steve Madden). Very excited! I’ll give you a full report about how all this went tomorrow :) I also added some extra pictures on my Facebook page from the shapewear feature in de Standaard magazine. Hope you all have a good day!



Blogger Spotlight: The Styling Dutchman

29 03 2011 / BY Brunette Blogging

Quirky, funny & beautiful: Annebeth, the blogger behind The Styling Dutchman is lucky enough to be all three of them! I chose her blog for this month’s Blogger Spotlight, because it’s important to give Belgian Bloggers some spotlight, so I’m hoping you’ll like her blog as much as I do. Hop on over & take a look, The Styling Dutchman is full of daily outfits, crazy & funny ramblings, just what you need to put a smile on your face!

When did you start your blog and why?
I started blogging regularly on Chictopia back in September 2009 after being a blog reader for months. My favorites were Stylebytes (the blogger behind it stopped and it is run by somebody completely different now), The Cherry Blossom Girl, Fashion Toast and Childhood Flames. One of the blogs I read linked through to Chictopia, I browsed it for inspiration for a few months before getting into it myself. I had the feeling I would have so little to contribute to the blogosphere, since there were already so many blogs run by girls who were funnier/prettier/more stylish than me! But Chictopia eased me into it, and when I browsed my Chictopia blog to read things I’d written a few months ago, I could finally admit to myself that my writing was actually kind of entertaining, and that my style wasn’t all that sucky. When I got my head around this, I finally mustered up the courage to start my own independent blog at Blogspot (The Styling Dutchman). I’m very glad I did, because this little blog is my baby now.

What are your dreams in life? Does your blog play any part in this?
I would love to find a job that allows me to use all of my interests and talents. Something creative with writing and preferably fashion or advertisement. When I started my blog, it did come to mind that this would be a great way to hone the skills one needs to succeed in fashion journalism. It would be a great line on my resume, to be able to prove and show my future employers that I am in fact passionate about style, and that I have “fun” writing skills. So yes, my blog totally plays a part in this!
But I have other dreams as well: I’d love to just be happy with my life, get married to my boyfriend of seven years, and eventually move abroad when we’re older. I was not made for Belgian (lack of) summers.

What do you think about the blogosphere in Belgium? Do you see it going anywhere?
There are definitely a few girls that I see going places. You for instance have excellent writing skills (ed. note: thank you!), and Polienne has AMAZING style prowess and takes the prettiest pictures. I’m sure you’ll both end up someplace that uses those talents. There are also a lot of blogs that don’t have as much potential (yet), but the whole blogging thing is still pretty new over here. We don’t even have a real Belgian equivalent for Girlscene, the biggest lifestyle network-site of Holland. I like where Belmodo is going though! I would like to see some big sites that are more street-style oriented rather than “fashion” oriented, I always feel like runway shows et cetera hardly concern normal girls and the way they dress, so those kind of news sites don’t really interest me.

Do you ever hang out with other bloggers?
Yes! I have been to an ISSHOES vintage shoe party last November (I think) where I met Angie from Papillon Chouette (I also know her from Chictopia), and Paulien from Polienne was so sweet to invite me along when she got a press event invite for the new season presentation at River Island a while ago, so I met those awesome girls and some other bloggers who were invited to the River island event as well! They were all supernice so I look forward to meeting up again. We should totally do a Belgian Bloggers Official Get-together sometime! (ed. note: we are actually having a bloggers meet this weekend, yay!)
Also, Tiany Kiriloff from Belmodo lives in my neighborhood so I run into her while grocery shopping from time to time, but I haven’t actually talked to her yet so I don’t think you can call that a “meeting”! :-D

What are the coolest things that have happened to you because of your blog?
My writing won me a Juicy Couture contest last summer, prize was a trip to NYC and a wardrobe furnished by Juicy Couture, but since my passport had expired (and I only had like 3 days to get all the arrangements sorted), I had to decline. FML!!! I’m still totally not over it. But the most important things that blogging gives me are probably my developing sense of style and writing skills. Some bloggers dislike the pressure a blog puts you under, like being forced to stick to a schedule and blog even when you don’t feel like it, but I see that as a positive thing! My professional life will be deadline-filled and stress-ridden as well, so my blog prepares me for those things and keeps me sharp. And of course, the community. I get SO much inspiration from the blogosphere!

How does a normal day in your life look like?
Sleep for as long as possible (until 10AM or 10.30 on a free day, until 7.30 or 8AM on a school day), turn on the heat in the bathroom, get downstairs to prep for whatever needs to be done that day, check the comments on my last blogpost, go upstairs to take a shower, doing my make up, ooh-ing and uhm-ing over what to wear, grabbing an outfit, making changes to that outfit, go downstairs and eat something, spend the next hours doing schoolwork and checking my correspondence. At half past 2 I grab my camera and take some pictures of my outfit in the backyard, add/remove a few things depending on how it looks in the picture, go back inside and upload my pictures at about a quarter to three, edit a few of them, force myself to get back into doing schoolwork, eating more stuff, at 5PM I crash on the couch to watch Masterchef Australia while doing some more schoolwork, and around 6PM my boyfriend gets home from work which means we run over to the local supermarket to shop for foodz (we usually are at a total loss for inspiration and tell the other person it’s THEIR turn to pick), and when we get home I cook and we eat in front of the television (yeah, so tacky), ending our dinner with a cuddle while watching the news, and then I spend my time watching silly TV shows until about 10PM when I upload my look of the day, and then I spend the spare time commenting on other blogs until I go to bed around 11.30-12 PM! I am really super boring.

What are your favorite blogs? What draws you to a particular blog?
I love a girl with personality, and that personality should shine through both in her style and in her writing. Style-wise I am craaaazy about Calivintage, her style is just the epitome of effortless chic that is both retro and timeless, and inspirational through and through. My other faves are Annabel from Blushing Ambition and Lulu from Lulu and your Mom. Annabel is goofy and cute and witty and has a very simple, wearable style. Lulu is incredibly intelligent, a bit sarcastic and very real. I consider them girls that could be my friends in real life. In Belgium I am crazy about Paulien from Polienne, that girl has awesome styling skills and a very lovely aesthetic that shines through in her photography. Major eye candy! And of course dream girl Alix from The Cherry Blossom Girl :) In short: I like a girl with a strong personality, a bit of quirk, and a wearable style with classic influences.

Finally, something you’d like to say to your readers/in general?
THANK YOU FOR READING ME! You make me feel a bit like a movie star from time to time (teehee) but mostly like a chick that is so lucky to have lots of amazing friends across the globe :) And watch Mad Men! Be a feminist! Eat your vegetables!

Thanks for the interview! All pictures are by The Styling Dutchman.