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Luscious Lips

18 03 2011 / BY Brunette Blogging

I’m aware that today is the bloggers’ day of silence, obviously I chose not to participate. I respect the people who want to participate & believe in the cause, but it’s simply not for me. I would feel like a hypocrite if I would participate but don’t really believe in it, I have my own way of supporting and thinking about what’s happening in Japan. Hope you understand and respect that too.

Topshop Rio Rio lipstick

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll already know that I bought my first red lipstick a few days ago. I must say, it has been a bit of a challenge so far. Since it’s very bright and visible, you can see every flaw. I guess this is why people use lip liner? I’m assuming that when you use the lip liner first, you can then simply draw between the lines with the lipstick instead of trying to make it look perfect with the lipstick. Challenge number two would be: not getting lipstick on your teeth. I’m constantly paranoid about the fact that it’s all over the place and looking like a clown. I think I need some time to adjust to this fierce color :) Overall, I’m very happy with the color and how long-lasting this one is & I’m in love with the matte packaging of Topshop make-up. (I was tempted to buy this lipstick after seeing it on the fabulous Emily a few times. I wish I looked as beautiful as she does whilst wearing it. Is it obvious she’s my blogging hero? I love her.)

Topshop Lipstick in Coy

When I was putting the red lipstick in my basket, I was thinking I should try some other products as well, since I’m trying to learn and experiment more with beauty products. So, since I think that my lips can use some color (and this is usually pretty easy to apply), I wanted a lip stick that would give me a more rosy blush. To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed with this one. It’s very, very dry and also a lot lighter than expected. In the picture below you can see that I also bought the lip balm in dew (which is very glossy and sticky), so I tried to combine these two together. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t give the effect I was looking for. Because this nude lipstick is so dry, it creates a very strange effect when you apply the lip balm on top of it. Sort of like someone put paint on your lips or something. When you apply the lip balm, it really shows the structure of the nude lip stick & it’s just plain weird. I think I’ll experiment a bit more with this nude lipstick, maybe try to apply some regular lip balm (less glossy) on it?

Topshop Rio Rio lipstick – Lipstick in Coy – Balm in Dew

Overall thoughts:

Rio Rio lipstick: A+

Lipstick in Coy: C-

Balm in Dew: B+

It feels weird today, saying that I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Not that I don’t want you to have one, but because of all the awful things & tragedies happening in the world. It sure makes you feel insignificant and helpless. Not that how I feel really matters in the big picture. I’ll stop now, before I start sounding too depressed.


  • http://www.blithelyunaware.com Blithely Unaware

    LOVE the red.

    I’m actually going to the Chanel counter this week to get them to pick the perfect red lipstick for me – I’ve got no idea where to start and what sort of tone of red to go for.

    Great post, gorgeous blog.


  • http://in-a-flow.blogspot.com Jess

    Die lippenstift is echt prachtig! X

  • http://www.thesprinklesonacupcake.blogspot.com petra

    Oh, die rode lipstick staat je supermooi!! Ik vind de kleur van de Coy ook wel mooi, jammer dat hij wat tegenvalt!!

  • http://www.fashion-ice.blogspot.com Jelka Lepever

    Je staat goed met rode lippenstift!

  • http://thisfashionista.blogspot.com Samantha

    I really like the red on you! I love product reviews, I find them really helpful :o)

    Emily is the reason I started my blog!

    Thanks for your comment, hope you visit again soon!



  • http://scrapbookdelaemma.blogspot.com Emma

    love the red, it really suits you. xo

  • http://www.pinkbow.net PinkBow

    i definiteley need to try the ts lipstick. i use the nail enamel & it is very good. i like the look of rio rio.

  • http://www.shoe-radar.com nluvwshoes

    Hey ol’ brave one! I’m too scared to sport the red lips but you wear it well! xoxo

  • http://fashion-thrill.blogspot.com/ Plami

    I love this red lipstick! It’s gorgeous!



  • http://www.spoonyacedia.blogspot.com AnjaPN

    I boughta red lipstick a few months back, but I think I look like a fool trying too hard when I wear it, so I just dabble it on and then apply some pink lipgloss over it. My lips are red, but not bright red.

  • http://www.absolutelymrsk.blogspot.com Absolutely Mrs. K

    in the 90’s they had the best lipstick invention ever (but we looked like clowns). we used very dark lipliner and then we used a lighter color of lipstick. but our lipstick was not on your chin or n an other weird place. i do get your point, i have bought pink bright MAC lipstick that stays on forever. but it is so hard to put it in the right place. anyway you look fabulous and i love the color on your, it is so great with your dark hair. hope to see you wearing it a lot… beautiful

  • http://stylingdutchman.blogspot.com annebeth

    ik vergeet altijd lipliner te kopen, het maakt een perfecte rode mond wel net iets haalbaarder. Je hebt een heel mooie mond trouwens, ik vind dat droge bleke ook best mooi!

  • http://steffysprosandcons.blogspot.com steffy

    i love love that color red, it is so fabulous!

    <3 steffy

  • http://enchantedvintageclothing.com Jessica

    I love the lipstick on you, dont be afraid of it, it just takes awhile to get used to it! I like the look of the other one you bought, but it doesnt seem to be very dark? It looks like it should be pinker… The packaging is also very pretty!

    • http://brunetteblogging.com brunetteblogging

      Yes, that’s exactly what I thought when I saw it in the online store. Turns out it’s quite a bit lighter, deceiving! :)

  • http://heyrocketgirl.com Reg

    the lipstick looks good on you! i love the packaging of topshop makeup :)


  • http://www.fashionata.be Fashionata

    Mooi! Die rode lipstick staat je goed!