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A Wella Fairy Tale

31 05 2011 / BY Brunette Blogging

Once upon a time in the blogosphere…
there was a little girl with long, brown hair

Taking care of this massive hair turned out to be quite the task
Plus, the girl really didn’t have the time or patience to put in a daily hair mask

Some days it was flat, some days it had no shine
until the day the girl became a Wella Ambassador and said “Wow, now all these fancy hair products are mine!”

The little girl started testing; washing and rinsing until her hair was clean she was surprised and thought “I already feel like a Wella Queen!”

The volume shampoo gave her a glamorous look
so it quickly became a favorite in the little girl’s book

Since the sun often made the girl’s hair a bit more blonde
she used the color protecting shampoo for her brown locks, of which she was so fond

To sparkle like a princess, there was the shine shampoo
When people saw that glitzy hair, they were mesmerised and all went “oooh”

But the story’s not over, there’s one thing left to tell:
Vote for Kim as the ultimate Wella Ambassador, that sure would be swell!

(you can start voting from June 16th, right now it is not possible to vote yet!)

This post is part of my duty as a Wella Pro Series Ambassador. From June 16th, you’ll be able to vote for me on the Wella Facebook page as your favorite – if I win, I’ll be sent to New York for the Wella International Trend Vision Awards event! These are my previous posts for this contest: A Wella Hair Affair, Wella Glamazon Hair Tutorial, Hair Decoration and High Bun & Headband Tutorial

P.S. You like this fairy tale? Check out the other one I wrote a few months ago :) Thank you Emilie for making these adorable illustrations!



Belmodo.tv – Stiletto Run

/ BY Brunette Blogging

Video report of the Stiletto Run! See me parading on the “catwalk” around 1:25 and see some of my fellow bloggers talk around 2:11. What a fun day, sadly no free shoes for me :)