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Festival Fever

30 06 2011 / BY Brunette Blogging

H&M parka and cutoffs – Zara top and headband – Topshop sandals – Michael Kors watch

Hey lovelies! Excuse me for the late post today but you know, life gets in the way sometimes. I just got home from my trip to the Netherlands, I was on a Label. mission to discover the new Björn Borg Sport collection. It was a whole lotta fun, I stayed in a beautiful mansion and was accompanied by two lovely PR girls from UPR :) This does mean that I had to miss the F21 party, but I’m sure you can find reports about that all over the web by now. Kind of a bummer I had to miss it, but work comes first in this case!

Some of you may have already seen a glimpse of this festival look on the site of  Het Nieuwsblad. They asked some bloggers to share their festival look, et voila: this is what I came up with! I don’t think I’ll attend many festivals this year since I simply don’t have the time but I’ve attented a lot of them in the past. What do you like to wear when you’re going to a festival? Tomorrow I’m going to Amsterdam again with my fellow bloggers, so I have to go and start preparing everything! Have a nice day :)



Tips & Tricks: How to get more Blog Traffic

28 06 2011 / BY Brunette Blogging

How to get more traffic for your blog? Well, well, well… the person who has the answer to this question must be a very popular person amongst bloggers. I’m not going to lead you on and say that there is an actual right answer for this one, however there are a few tips & tricks that might help get you get some extra visitors. I decided to write about this after one of my readers asked me if I ever wrote a post about this subject before. It’s not that I necessarily think that my stats are so gosh darn impressive (but I am happy with them), but as always, I thought it would be fun to share some of my personal beliefs & tips on this matter with you.


Let the stats go
I know, this is kind of contradictory considering the title, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my ten or so months of blogging, it’s that staring at your stats will do you no good. Some days, blog readers might like going outside too & get a tan instead of reading your blog, so don’t feel bad about that. When it’s raining and they’re less busy at work, they’ll have time to visit your blog again. And they will come back if they like you!


Content is key
In the “content is key” chapter, there are different aspects that matter when it comes to improving your stats. First of all, follow the advice of “let the stats go” and focus on your content. Think about what you can do to make your blog original, creative and interesting for your readers. This is, in my always humble opinion, one of the most important aspects if you want to have a blog that has a lot of readers. Why do you think all those superstar bloggers say: “write about what you love and what makes you happy?” Because this means you’ll create content with a certain passion and creativity that will reflect on your blog and that people will notice. Blog visitors and readers will instantly feel “the vibe” a certain blog has, and quality content (whether it’s pictures or text) are oh so very important here. This also means that you do not have to post 20 times a week. You’ll get more visitors if you focus on quality instead of quantity.


The Social Network Effect
Okay, so you’ve followed my advice (good boys & girls!) but you still would like it if more than 20 people a day would read your blog. Best advice here is to start using the power of social networks. Pick & choose the networks that are right for you because nobody needs to be able to follow you on 300 different platforms, right? The ones that work really well for me are Facebook and Twitter. Creating a Facebook page for your blog might seem useless and vain, but it’s not. People who are less familiar with the whole “blogosphere” will find this an easy-to-use platform to follow your blog. On the plus side, you can stalk your friends into “liking” your page and they’ll occasionally click your link! Remember, all visits matter :)

Tips to really use these platforms to their fullest – which will also help you get more followers a.k.a. more readers for your blog – : Of course you have to actually use these pages. Don’t create a Twitter account if you’re only going to tweet whenever you have a new post up. Use it to share little, fun things about your life, twitpic away & of course drop some blog links here and there. Two times a day is perfect in my opinion, you don’t want to annoy people by over promoting your blog. The advice is simple: think about what you can offer as an extra on these platforms, give people a valid reason to also follow you here. For instance, I always post extra outfit or event pictures on my Facebook page, and on Twitter I’ll quickly update you on my whereabouts whenever I’m at an event or I’ll post pictures there that you can’t see on my blog or Facebook page.


Comments and Community
Use the power of the blogging community, it’s truly amazing. Leave your link around the net and interact with other bloggers. In doing so, be sincere and honest, professional & friendly. People will appreciate that a lot, especially when you leave a comment. I’ve said this over and over again and I’ve read it a million times but some people just never seem to get it: please stop with those “follow me, I follow you comments”, it will not get you the traffic you’re looking for. Tell me, don’t you appreciate it much more when you don’t feel forced to go somewhere? When you leave a comment like that, it feels like you really have no interest in the person’s blog whatsoever and therefore, that person will not click on your link. Leave a fun, personal comment that shows that you actually read something the person posted and the effect will most likely be that you get some new visitors, and who knows? Maybe they’ll even stay a while.



If you have any other questions be sure to ask me, I’ll answer you in the comments. I tend to not list every little thing I think of because I’d be writing a book every time :) Hope you enjoyed these personal tips!