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The Lost Ones

28 07 2011 / BY Brunette Blogging

As a blogger, obviously you take a lot of pictures. Not all of them turn out great. This leads to pictures of outfits that never get posted, or just random snapshots that end up in a forgotten folder. Since I don’t have an outfit post for today (too much work, but luckily one major deadline ends tonight, so after that I’ll have some free time again), I’d thought I’d share these “forgotten shots” with you. At least they’ll have served some purpose then :)
Also wanted to say that I’m taking a break from posting tomorrow, but I’ll be back on Monday! See ya :)

{Annebeth & I at the Kirilove party.}

{Taking outfit shots on a super hot day. I looked sweaty and tired so I didn’t post this one but I still like the flowers in the background.}

{Sometimes you look back on an outfit and think “meh.” Not really worth posting. The bad hair day didn’t help.}

{Looks like we’re in the jungle or something! I really loved how this shot turned out, with a hint of sun to make it extra tropical.}

{There was just way too much stuff going on here. Too many leaves, too much shadow & squinty eyes.}

{This was one of the Wella looks that didn’t make the cut. Don’t I look like some kind of doll?}



Style Philosophy

26 07 2011 / BY Brunette Blogging

As you may already know, I’m currently in round three in the Nokia & Elle contest to become their next Style Correspondent. This means that the last 50 contestants are currently creating a style portfolio, where they show their creativity, style and personal view on fashion. This week, my portfolio post is all about my style philosophy.

When we look back at our childhood pictures, we’re often embarrassed by the clothes we were wearing, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to incorporate some of that unashamed childlike enthusiasm in our current wardrobe choices. Okay, maybe wearing a leather skirt as a hat and prancing around in Spice Girls platforms aren’t my proudest fashion moments but I do look back at them with a smile on my face, ’cause it was fun. That’s exactly what fashion should be, so try out some things that add that extra little touch to your outfit and hopefully it will also put a smile on your face! Best accessory there is (the smile, not the skirt-hat).

Do you always wear vintage dresses or are you addicted to clothing with a polka dot print? I say, that’s okay! There’s nothing wrong with having a signature style. Some might think it’s boring to stick to a certain look all the time, but if it makes you feel good and defines your personality in a certain way then who are we to say that it’s wrong to wear your favorite skirt three times a week? These pictures above are a good indication of what my signature style is about. I don’t walk around like that ALL the time, but I’ll probably put on a similar outfit whenever I have only five minutes to get dressed or feel blue and want to wear something that will cheer me up. That’s the beauty of the “signature style uniform”; easy, comfy & fast!

So you’ve defined your signature style, but that doesn’t mean that you can never try out something new, right? Who knows what kind of greatness you could be missing out on! I have to say that my blog has pushed me to try some new stuff of which I was under the impression that it was totally not for me. Example: the maxi skirt. After trying it on myself I figured out that it’s not just a piece of clothing that only super-tall models can wear (maybe they’ll look better in it, but that’s a different matter).

Don’t lie, we are all inspired by what we see in magazines, on blogs or in the street. I personally love looking at other other people for inspiration. Again, nothing wrong with that, but according to my style philosophy there’s only one condition: make it your own! For instance, I saw a few women wearing socks in their fashionable sandals and liked the idea. I thought about it for a while and then came up with my very own “socks in sandals”-look instead of completely copying the look I saw. A little inspiration can’t hurt but you don’t want to walk around looking like an exact runway copy. Being creative with your closet is what it’s all about.

What’s your style philosophy?

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