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Oona Palooza

30 08 2011 / BY Brunette Blogging

Events, events and more events. Running around in heels and watching beautiful clothes, meeting up with other bloggers and laughing your asses off, it’s basically awesome. If you follow me on Twitter (check out my late night tweet if you want to find out who the special blogging guest will be for the big opening on Saturday), you already know what I was up to yesterday night (attending the F21 store preview in Antwerp) AND you’ll also know that I died 100 times from wearing heels. I never seem to learn my lesson and always think “it won’t hurt so bad tonight” BUT OMFG IT DOES! The fact that the F21 store in Antwerp is so incredibly huge (three levels of clothes, clothes and more clothes) means that you’re running a fashion marathon whilst shopping there. Excuse the lack of decent pictures, but when you’re shopping, talking, drinking, eating, trying on clothes, etc, etc, taking pictures is a pain in the ass. If only I had some sort of blogging minion who could take them for me :) (KIDDING. Or not? Applications can be sent by email.)

{This is where they’ll take your hard earned money.}

{Miss Christin and Annebeth before entering the store. Lovely ladies!}

{Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? Even though it’s a bit of wishful thinking that blogging is going to happen right there on the spot.}

{Bloggers like to talk, talk, talk and shop, shop, shop.}


{Lots of leopard in the shoe collection.}

{Tables that are completely stacked with jewelry.}

{And the award for cutest necklace goes to… the mustache!}

—————————-River Island——————————–

I called this post Oona palooza since I’m writing about two events that were organized by the lovely PR firm Oona. Last week I also attented the River Island Xmas show (and sadly, we can already wear the clothes since it feels like Christmas over here.) I’m also a big fan of this brand, so I picked some of my favorites from the show for you.

{Bloggers in action.}

{Prettiest granny shorts I’ve seen so far. Look, that’s me on the right!}

{I want to snuggle with that cute, fuzzy sweater. Hope to find it under the Xmas tree!}

{These may look cute with their candy colors but they scare me. I also want them.}

{A little sneak peek of what I was wearing. No heels that night, phew!}

Thanks Oona for the good times!

Pictures by myself and Oona.



ILFN – In the closet

29 08 2011 / BY Brunette Blogging

A feature about my closet on ILFN. You can take a look at my massive clothing collection here.