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Snip, Snip

29 11 2011 / BY Brunette Blogging

Time to show you some snippets from the past couple of weeks! I’ve been here and there, shooting for TV, trying new hairstyles, working and staying in beautiful hotels (that sounds so posh!). Always fun to get an idea of how these things went down, right? P.S. I still need to make an Antwerp press day post, even though I think I’m terrible late by now since I’ve had no time to go through all these pictures and edit them (posts like that always take so long to make, believe it or not). We’ll see if I can gather up the courage :)

{Shooting with Afrodite & Lucie for Arte Yourope. The episode will air on the 4th of December.}

{Leopard Louboutins, part of the Arte Yourope shoot. Yes, I’m wearing these and they are hiiiggghh.}

{Tried a french chignon after Afrodite & I saw a girl with this hair and just gushed over how gorgeous it was. I tried doing a tutorial, but it failed. Going to practice some more and hopefully it’ll be something I can show you in the future.}

{Wined and dined in Düsseldorf just before for the Philipp Plein store opening.}

{The hotel bar in Düsseldorf.}

{Tiany, Annebeth and Michaël & me (behind the camera) at the Vitaya shoot for “In stijl met Lien”.}

{A little preview of the shoot, don’t know yet when it will air.}



The Blues

28 11 2011 / BY Brunette Blogging

Topshop sweater – Primark skirt – Forever 21 headband & shoes – Urban Outfitters bag

I’m on a mission to find every colored garage door in Belgium so I can pose in front of it (remember the red one?). I kid, I kid. But after blogging for over a year, it becomes harder to keep finding extremely beautiful backgrounds in your neighborhood. After all, it’s still more about the outfit than the background and hey, I still think this blue garage door is doing a nice job.

If you’re wondering how I spent my weekend: it involved a whole lot of boxes, some whining and complaining and getting away from all that by meeting with friends and indulging in comfort food. To be clear: I’m moving out of the house I’ve lived in 24 years (can’t help but feel a little sad) and going to live with my boyfriend. It’s a good thing he knows how crazy I am about my personal space and clothes, so he’s kindly given me the extra room in the apartment. I plan to decorate it with Robert Pattinson posters and make a Sex and the City shrine (read: walk-in closet) in it. Technically, it will be called my “workspace”. And before you think I’m really crazy – I’m obviously kidding (a little bit). I feel like this move is going to take me a month with all the work stuff going in between, but let’s look on the bright side: a new neighborhood with new backgrounds to discover and I’ll have two blogger pals (Afrodite & Gilles) who live nearby and can help me take pictures ;) Yay!