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Sequin Cardigan

23 02 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

River Island cardigan – Pull & Bear dress – Zara shoes – The Cambridge Company satchel

Time to show you my other shoe love I’ve talked about before: the Zara booties (aka Isabel Marant dicker boot look-a-likes). Again, quite perfect and everything I need from a shoe (pretty yet semi-comfortable). Yes, I say semi-comfortable because I’m one of those people that often buys shoes that hurt like hell. I know it’s crazy and so on and so forth, but sometimes I just can’t resist. Take these shoes for example: I bought them in a 36, when they would have been just a tiny bit more comfortable in a 37. Don’t worry, I can walk in them without being in pain, but the downside is I can’t wear socks to keep my feet warm. Apparently, I like to terrorize myself – I’m trying to start acting like a normal person, but it’s hard.

Lots of work on the agenda this week, excuse me if I sound boring! Juggling multiple jobs at a time can be quite hard sometimes, but I do the best I can whilst trying to limit the emotional breakdowns to one per week (sorry boyfriend). I kid, I kid (a little bit). Anyway, spring seems to be just around the corner, I just love the feeling that I can almost walk around without a jacket and scarf. Also quite a few fun events planned in the upcoming weeks, but you’ll read all about those here soon. Bye!

Pictures by Afrodite


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  • http://steffysprosandcons.blogspot.com steffy

    great colors and i love your boots!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • http://instantflowers.blogspot.com/ Manon

    Haha ik vind je posts altijd zo grappig. Leuke outfit en botjes!

  • http://stylingdutchman.blogspot.com annebeth

    superleuke outfit, je benen zijn zo lang met die laarsjes! <3 en ik koop ook altijd slightly too small shoes bij zara :D

  • http://laurapaulinek.blogspot.com Laura

    Superleuke schoenen Kim! Waw, ben echt fan :)

  • http://drunkonstyle.blogspot.com Drunkonstyle

    Love the colour of your dress! I like your style very much!! x


  • http://makeitfierce.blogspot.com/ Rae

    the colors go so well together! love the look!

  • http://the-shoe-issue.blogspot.com Laura

    Ooooh! Leuke schoenen :)



  • http://www.styleclouds.de Styleclouds

    Love the shoes and how cool is the cardigan!? Fantastic look! xo, Christina


  • http://lepetitmondealyssa.blogspot.com Alyssa

    Great outfit! I love the Zara boots.

  • Brenda¬†W.¬†Scott

    Gorgeous cardigan! It’s very flashy because it’s sequined. I wonder what would be the effect if it would be wear at night. :)

  • debbie

    Hier had de zilveren bloem anders niet misstaan, zo ergens in een hakje op je pulletje. Gemiste kans :)

    • debbie

      *hoekje :)

    • http://brunetteblogging.com Brunette Blogging

      Ooohja, de bloem, de bloem! Duivels ding! :) Ik heb nog een paar dagen ;)

  • B.

    Schattig truitje ! Ik heb dezelfde laarsjes, ben er gek op, maar vind ze niet zo comfy

    fashion &lifestyle in BElgium

  • http://shesdressingup.blogspot.com/ She’s Dressing Up

    Lovely cardigan & the shoes are gorgeous! <3

  • http://giulesss.blogspot.com Giulia@ Giules.

    Your blog was such a pleasant discovery!

    new post on http://giulesss.blogspot.com

  • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com/ Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    I love your satchel, Kim! (And your booties and the dress and the cardigan lol) I’m personally super happy that the weather is looking better so that we don’t have to be bundled up all the time!

    Sunny xx

  • http://rosalovesdc.tumblr.com/ RosaLovesDC

    Great photos! I love the boots.

  • http://justlikeatruestar.blogspot.com Valerie

    Heel leuk!

  • http://fashionfractions.com/ Neris

    Gorgeous look Kim! Love the little sequined sweater and your photos look amazing! did you get a new camera? :)


    Fashion Fractions

    • http://brunetteblogging.com Brunette Blogging

      Not yet, but these were taken with my friend’s camera which is obviously way better than mine :)

  • http://www.steffi-aerts.be Steffi

    Love this outfit! Xx S.

  • http://fashionistablogg.blogspot.com ines
  • http://tulipsandtulle.blogspot.com Tulips&Tulle

    This is cute!

  • http://www.bellachique.be/ Bellachique

    Heel erg leuke outfit! Vooral je jurkje heeft een mooie kleur :).

  • http://www.sprinklesonacupcake.com petra

    Oh, mooie outfit!!
    De kleur van het jurkje is heel mooi en het vestje is er erg leuk bij!

  • http://anoukmeetsfashion.blogspot.com Anouk

    You look so pretty in that outfit!
    Love the last picture a lot!

    Love, A.

  • http://www.fashionata.be Fashionata

    Love the shoes!

  • http://drunkonstyle.blogspot.com Sofie

    Mooie cardigan, staat je goed!