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Cute Collar

29 03 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

Zara top, heels & sequin clutch – River Island boyfriend jeans

The boyfriend jeans: one of those items I’ve been looking for quite some time now. It must have been my lucky weekend, ’cause I found a nice pair of those baggy trousers when I went to River Island a while ago. They’re a nice change from the usual skinny jeans, since they’re way more comfy and it basically feels like you’re wearing pajamas. WIN-WIN. ‘Cause really, who doesn’t love pajamas? Especially during the day.

I love pairing these type of jeans with something super feminine to create a nice contrast. That’s where my new cotton candy colored Zara top came in handy (I should really start ironing my clothes by the way, oops). Throw some heels in the mix, et voila: you’ve got yourself a feminine outfit with a boyish twist. You like? Oh, and in other news: Weekend.be just announced the Weekend Blog Awards, if you think my blog is worthy of a nomination, go and nominate me! Thanks!



Ola Party Pics

27 03 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

Et voila, the Ola party picture report. Ice creams were devoured, dancing was done and – as usual – lots of pictures were made. The beach party was held at a beautiful location (next to the Schelde in Antwerp), it’s something about those magical lights and the industrial feeling that makes it the perfect party and picture location. It’s definitely on my list of locations to go to for outfit pictures. Sadly, I didn’t win the travel check (boo.hoo.) but we had fun nonetheless. Take a look at the crazy dance moves of Annebeth, St├ęphanie and myself, the cutest doggie ever and Sofie handing over the check to the lucky winner.