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Fact Friday: Blogger Trends

09 03 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

Blogger trends: what are they, where do they come from and how are they created? Next up on “Investigating the blogosphere with Brunette Blogging”. I’m goofing around, I’m not going to write a deep and profound piece about this, but instead I searched for some of the prettiest pictures of some of the loveliest bloggers wearing certain “it-items”. Yep, I talked about this on Monday and now I’m writing about it on Friday. I’m such a big inspiration to myself!

The evidence: Zara, also known as heaven to every girl or woman who can’t afford real designer items but enjoys a decent copy of it nonetheless. The leather skirt was available in black and beige and sold out faster than Marni at H&M in New York (maybe exaggerating a little bit here). My theory? The combination of pleats and leather speaks to the good girl inside us, who wants to go a bit bad sometimes.

The bloggers:
Carolina & Emily

Verdict? Guilty. I found it on sale, give me a break!

The evidence: It’s a fact, girls love shiny things. So when we get a chance to wear some glitter at our feet, we’ll take it! It pleases our inner princess. The true evidence that these glitter Giuseppe Zanotti boots were a big hit? Topshop created a similar version: also pretty, equally successful.

The Bloggers: Betty & Chiara

Verdict? Not guilty. Not that I don’t enjoy a good glitter, these just sold out before I even had a moment to think.

The evidence: The genius who came up with the idea to add leather sleeves to any kind of jacket, deserves several prizes. It’s one of those “so wrong, but yet so right” kind of things, which may explain why The Man Repeller herself is a big fan of this coveted piece.

The Bloggers:
Andy & Leandra

Verdict? Guilty. Since people call me cute and adorable about ten times a day, I obviously needed this parka to toughen up my look a bit.

The evidence: Is it a giant cat? Is it a yeti? Why no, it’s the white fuzzy Zara coat! This piece can be found in many variations, such as the leopard or any other fuzzy (sometimes real) animal. Popular because: who doesn’t like soft, fuzzy things?

The Bloggers: Emily & Audrey

Verdict? Not guilty. I’ve yet to succumb to this trend. If you see a small ball of fur with brown hair passing by in the next months or so, you’ll know what has happened (a tiny yeti has eaten me and made a wig out of my hair, of course.)


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  • http://www.aliceroxy.blogspot.com Charlotte

    Guilty for the leather sleeves ^^
    I love your writing style, and the content of your blogs ofcourse.
    And I don’t say that very often!

    xo , Charlie from aliceroxy.blogspot.com

  • http://jesuissophiecareforme.blogspot.com/ Je suis Sophie

    Glitterboots staan nog steeds op mijn wishlist! en die leren mouwen vind ik ook fantastisch!
    Al heb ik het écht niet voor dat furry gedoe.

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  • http://flyycoast2coast.wordpress.com L.Camille

    I agree with every trend! And I am loving leather sleeves too — http://wp.me/Xdks — FLYY blog.


  • http://nochicsherlock.blogspot.com/ No chic, Sherlock!

    i like this :) the theme itself is great but I really really like the form it was presented to us :) I would add maybe Litas, they were all around the blogosphere at that time.

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  • http://themerchantproject.blogspot.com/ Catherine C

    So true! I have been wanting someone to capitalize on this for awhile!

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  • http://www.styleisalwaysfashionable.blogspot.com Kate

    Absolutely love this post! Love the way you write!

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  • http://chocolate-sarcasm.blogspot.com/ Sianna

    the leather skirt is really pretty and can be used in many different outfits. The leather sleeves are also a trend that I really like. The definitely don’t dig the glitter boots though.

  • http://www.chic-lux.com Paulina

    Love this post!!


  • Pip

    I really enjoyed reading this! Great post and congrats on the feature on IFB! xx



  • http://junebiswas.blogspot.com June (@junebiswas)

    Superb post! I’m glad you did not post someone in the Lita or wearing Mint!!

  • http://goldenisaacs.blogspot.com KD

    Cool post but I was expecting to see the standard issue Jeffrey Campbell “Lita” booties in some variation. It’s as if as soon as you start a blog, someone hands you those boots to wear. Fab post just because they were NOT included.

  • http://spygirl-amb.blogspot.com/ anne the SpyGirl

    HAHAHAHA. I enjoyed this post very much.
    I was just at TxSC and the new hot color is Kelly Green
    In the linked post, I’m guilty of the Fuzzy Fur

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  • http://www.the-beautiful-things.com Vittoria @ The Beautiful Things

    fun post..i do own a fuzzy vest!


  • http://www.thefashionfolio.com Afrodite

    I haven’t got any of those things… Sad, really! No, I actually don’t mind. But then I get those stupid comments basically saying I’m like every other blogger. I’m not, I’ve got the proof because of this post! :D Ha, just kidding. I wish I had that leather skirt as well :(

  • http://styladelica.com/ Jess

    Great post – I’m actually browsing eBay for a leather sleeved trench at the moment so I’ll be going in for that trend.


  • http://www.glamour-blog.com Cindy

    Je bent echt goed in posts schrijven! Leuk met je eigen persoonlijke touch!

  • http://www.theunfashionistadiaries.com sahar- the unfashionista

    Awesome post!! Who cares if you wrote about it on Monday and posted it on Friday- worth the wait!! What a great idea :) And the pictures you selected are lovely ones! Do MORE!! :D

  • http://thesistools.com/eline Eline

    Haha, helpt de parka met leren mouwen tegen het afschrikken van mensen die je cute & adorable noemen? :D

    Momenteel doe ik voor mij thesis een onderzoek naar modeblogs en aankoopgedrag van kledij, willen jullie mijn enquête ajb invullen? Thanks! :-) http://thesistools.com/eline

  • http://c-le-chic.blogspot.com/ SC

    Hihi :) furrrrball

  • http://nouchaline.blogspot.com Aline C

    LOVEEE this post idea! Really awesome :D
    1)Adore leather skirts. I have un pleated ones.
    2)I have glitter oxfords does that count?
    3)Looks good on some jackets, extremely weird on others… I have yet to find one I like in real life (there’s tons that exist on the internet machine though).
    4)Hells to the no.

  • debbie

    Leuk leuk leuk!

  • B.

    Leuk idee ! Ik kan onmiddelijk nog 10 andere bloggers trends opsommen. Ook cool om te zien hoe mensen hetzelfde item heel anders dragen

    new trend post

  • http://thelovehanger.blogspot.com toni

    I have yet to succumb to the “yeti” trend too, but that’s just because i think it makes me look huge! LOL. Too much fur maybe? I love the leather sleeves and skirts though. Ahh…pleats. My favorite. :) <3


  • http://the-shoe-issue.blogspot.com Laura

    Haha! Love this post :)



  • Grace

    Lovely post!!!

  • http://stylingdutchman.blogspot.com annebeth

    hahahahaha dat stukje over de yeti met de pruik is HILARISCH :D :D en ik wou die giuseppe zanotti’s ZO HARD man maar ze zijn zo duur maar ze zijn zo mooi :(

  • http://krizia-shark-attack.blogspot.com Krizia

    Ik heb nog geen van deze items, maar die glitter boots staan wel nog steeds op m’n wish list!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  • http://www.bellachique.be/ Bellachique

    De pleated leather skirt vind ik echt heel mooi! Ik heb hem hier nog niet gezien, mss ook al uitverkocht? Oook leuk om te zien welke jij ‘meedoet’ ;)

  • http://www.i-melda.blogspot.com Imelda

    Heel leuk geschreven artikel!
    Ik ben schuldig aan de glitter boots. Moest je nog op zoek zijn naar een leuk paar, bij Pull&Bear hebben ze leuke zilveren glitter boots (daar heb ik de mijne ook van).
    Jammer genoeg ben ik -nog niet- schuldig aan de leather sleeves, want alles wat ik daarvan wil is altijd uitverkocht :(

  • http://www.styleclouds.de Styleclouds

    I love this post – really made me laugh. But you forgot the Zara bi-color heels that everyone (including you and me) wears these days. :-) Have a wonderful weekend! xo, Christina


  • http://liesebxl.com/ Liese Bxl

    Haha, leuke post! Zo ludiek en ironisch geschreven, love it!

  • http://www.fetesvosyeux.com fetesvosyeux

    erg leuke post!

  • http://thewhitestudio.be/ Jennifer D.

    hehe, super :)
    Ik geef eerlijk toe dat ik eerst gewoon naar de foto’s gekeken heb en dan weer ben “weggegaan”, maar ik ben teruggekeerd om de tekst te lezen! :) En terecht!


    • http://brunetteblogging.com Brunette Blogging

      Haha :) daar ben ik blij om! En hoe komt het dat je dan nog eens bent teruggekeerd om de tekst te lezen?

      • http://thewhitestudio.be/ Jennifer D.

        ‘k was de eerste keer blijkbaar nog niet wakker genoeg om te beseffen dat jou blog er eentje is waar het wel altijd de moeite is om de tekst te lezen :)

        Verdict… bij sommigen kijk ik enkel naar de prentjes! :D

  • http://designedbyann.wordpress.com Anna

    actually I’m not guilty for any of these…but since seeing a leather mini skirt from H&M (I think) on afterDRK, I’m considering searching for one…not pleated though…I’d like it to be straight and above the knee…but obviously, this is not the season for such an endeavour…must wait for autumn!

  • http://lippylash.blogspot.com lippylash

    Haha super leuke post!!! Echt heel tof! En die pleated/leather trend will ik ook wel!!