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Win a restyling worth 300€ with ZEB & Brunette Blogging

30 04 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

As promised, the wardrobe surprise I was talking about earlier today! Although it’s probably not much of a surprise anymore if you read a few other Belgian blogs :) Anyway, are you ready for a superduperfun night on the 10th of May? ZEB is offering one lucky reader 300€ worth of clothes, styled by me. Don’t worry, I won’t force you to buy weird things, I’ll just gently assist you with my clothing wisdom whilst drinking champagne. It’ll be like one those fashion montage-y things you see in the movies. Totes amaze! We provide the free clothes by brands like Diesel, Mango, Vero Moda & Noë, great company and transportation – all you need to do is follow the instructions & hope you’re the lucky one that will join me.

I command you to:

1. Like Brunette Blogging and Zeb on Facebook.

2. Answer the following questions:
– How many Zeb stores are there in Belgium?
– Which new brand would you like to see in the Zeb collection?
– Which new location would you choose/prefer for a new Zeb store?
(send an email to brunetteblogging@gmail.com with your answers)

The winner will be notified on Monday the 7th of May. Good luck!



Sweet ‘n Tough

/ BY Brunette Blogging

Forever 21 parka – AX Paris dress – Kipling x Stylescrapbook camera bag – Sacha boots – Michael Kors watch

These days, I seem to be loving my parka just way too much. It’s just so comfy and nice to finally have some extra pockets to put stuff in – a pleasure us girls don’t really have compared to men. This is what I wore to the press days, something comfy to walk around in all day (heels are really a no-go in this case, since I can barely survive one event in them, let alone a whole day and night). Patricia and I took these pictures at the Belmodo.tv headquarters, I really love the colors of all the plants in the background – even though it looks like fall.

These next weeks are going to be quite busy, with work, events and a thousand other things coming up. Seems like I’ll have tons to post about, can hardly keep up! For those of you who feel like their wardrobe needs some serious expansion / make-over, be sure to check back tonight, there will be a lovely surprise waiting for you here!

pictures by Patricia