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A woman’s right to (Sacha) shoes

31 05 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

Sex and the City fans, you get the reference. Other male or female species – shoes are fun! So we all deserve a good pair (or ten, thirty… maybe more) to make us happy. Yesterday we celebrated the launch of the Belgian web shop for Sacha. A brand I’ve adored for quite some time now thanks to the quirky, crazy but always fun & beautiful shoes. My favorite pair so far? If you know my blog, you’ll know that prize goes to the studded Chloé look-a-like boots. LOVE. I even started a little Twitter quest to find them, and two weeks later they were re-released (is that a word? If not, I just made it up). Total shoe faith!

The event was hosted by the biggest shoe addict (yes friends, there are bigger shoe freaks out there than myself!) in Belgium: lady Tiany Kiriloff. We laughed, snapped pics, picked up a free pair of shoes (it took me about ten hours to decide which pair I wanted), and so on and so forth. Serious shoe business! Fun as usual. Enjoy the pictures, don’t let my blabbing get in the way.



La Marinière

30 05 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

Petit Bateau long-sleeve top – River Island boyfriend jeans – Zara heels (seen here) – Urban Outfitters bag – H&M necklace

Stripes are pretty well-represented in my closet, and this Petit Bateau top is the latest addition to the collection. I had the pleasure of being able to choose a few pieces from the collection, and even though the adorable yellow rain coat was one of the contenders on my wish list, I went for this long-sleeve top and a beautiful dress instead. Probably will wear those more. Excuse me if I look tired (I was) in these shots, could have used a little make-up touch up – but you know, keeping it real and all.

Going to the launch of the Sacha.be web shop event later today. I had my outfit all planned out, but the weather might be interfering. Maybe I’ll just ignore it and go quite summery as planned. In any case, I’m looking forward to driving my car again. That’s the beauty of new things, right?

pictures by Gilles