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Denim Jacket

27 09 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

G-star denim jacket – Sheinside dress c/o – vintage boots – The Cambridge Company satchel – Michael Kors watch – Diamanti per Tutti bracelet c/o

We all know (and feel) it: fall’s here. I don’t mind, it just means that taking pictures becomes extra challenging again – during this shoot for example my hair was blown in every possible direction due to the heavy wind, which did lead to some funny pictures. Of course, I had to make a selection of the decent ones where my hair is not in my mouth or covering my face. About the clothes: as you can see, I found my denim jacket! I went to Maasmechelen Village last weekend for the Denim Garage event, and we got to shop a little bit so that was basically the perfect opportunity to score the piece I was looking for. It even has a little wooly collar that you can attach and take off, very cute if I may say so myself. The dress is a present from sheinside, I picked it out when it was still summer, hence the bright colors. It’s a bit chilly for these temperatures but luckily can still be worn – all you need are some extra layers.

pictures by Gilles



Bloggers Closet Sale

25 09 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

You’ve seen our outfits, you’ve witnessed our crazy shopping habits and now you get the chance to buy some of our stuff that a) we never wear anymore, b) is too small but we bought it once anyway because we convinced ourselves we’d make it fit – a sad, sad lie, c) we’re bored of, but you may find awesome all over again. Clothes deserve a second chance too, you know? I’m talking about the Bloggers Closet Sale of course! Together with nine other Belgian bloggers, I’ll be selling my stuff (that sounds wrong, but let’s keep it clean – I’m talking about second hand clothes) this Friday during Antwerp Fashion Night.

Location, location, location? Follow the ladies who’ll be running like crazy in heels screaming “I want to go to the Blogger Closet Sale” or simply find us at Happaertstraat 21 (very close to the Kammenstraat). Free drinks will be provided by Tao, delicious cupcakes by Patty Cake. The event starts at 5PM, can’t wait to see all of you there! P.S. Here’s a tiny preview of some of the clothes I’ll be selling.