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Biker Jacket

25 10 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

Mango jacket – Topshop dress – Bershka booties – Michael Kors watch – Veritas laptop bag

Sometimes, I’m tired and have no inspiration. In that case, I’ll try hard to come up with a few meaningful sentences about what I’m wearing but some days it all just seems silly. In the end, after a few years – what can you say time and time again about an outfit? I used to think those popular bloggers were often lazy when they didn’t include any text with their pictures, but now I’m starting to understand. Sometimes you really can’t say much more than “this is what I wore that day, kthxbye”. I think the group of people that will read the text that accompanies the pictures is about half the audience, the other half will just quickly scan the post and they’re gone. Do you care if a blogger writes something or not? Oh, and this is just my black and white outfit for the day – nothing more to say!

pictures by Gilles