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City Streets

29 10 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

Zara jacket (seen here) & denim – Petit Bateau top c/o – Kipling x Stylescrapbook camera bag c/o – Bershka booties – Michael Kors watch – Diamanti per Tutti bracelet c/o

There are certain people that claim I never take pictures on actual streets, but aha – now I can prove them wrong once more! Of course, I see their point – I tend to stand in flower fields and green backgrounds more often than I do on city streets. Both of them have their own charm, but since I don’t live in an actual city, I just have to work with the natural surroundings. This street in Antwerp is one of my favorites, I drive by it quite often, always thinking I want to take pictures there. A while ago, I was there for an event and Elien was around to help me out to snap a couple of pictures – victory! It was a weird hot and humid day, so the jacket on top of my striped top wasn’t exactly necessary, but hey – I just thought it looked better that way.

pictures by Elien