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Fictional Friends & Family

23 10 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

Some may call it a waste of time, but I’m a sucker for watching good TV-shows. There’s just something about getting cozy under a blanket during these cold and dark fall nights whilst following the story line of your favorite show and getting to know those characters, which often leaves you feeling happy, sad or understanding what the TV-person is going through. Before you think I’m crazy and have no real-life friends, I go outside sometimes to talk to actual people – don’t worry. Every now and then though, a character manages to speak to me so much – I start wishing they were my friend or family in real life.

Fictional Father: Phil Dunphy – Modern Family

Is there anyone funnier, more adorable and sweet to his kids than Phil Dunphy? I don’t think so! He’s the dad who likes to think he’s cool, but mostly embarrasses his kids with his dance moves to High School Musical, silly jokes and childlike enthusiasm. Still, one of the best TV-dads there is, since I think we can all agree that any kid would call themselves lucky with a father like that. Even though he accidentally makes his wife and daughter look like prostitutes on the van he’s driving for work or is found naked in an old woman’s hotel room, it’s always with the most loving and best intentions at heart. That’s why I wish Phil would be my – slightly embarrassing – but loving fictional father.

Fictional BFF: Jessica Day – New Girl

She sings, she’s genuine, a little bit crazy and has a whole lot of cute dresses – who wouldn’t want a best friend like that? Jess may be a bit dorky and weird, but will always be there to help out the people she cares about no matter what kind of crazy thing she needs to do to cheer them up. True, she’s also clumsy and too naive – which gets her into weird situations like almost having a threesome with her landlord and Nick – but also that friend you can truly count on. Who’s that girl? It’s Jess!

Fictional Grandfather: Walter Bishop – Fringe

Incredibly smart (think of all the problems he could help you with!), hilariously honest but also the most adorable, caring person in the Fringe division. I’ll admit, he did some questionable things in the past but his attempt to correct his mistakes now makes it alright for me. Besides, who wouldn’t want a grandpa that keeps a cow in his lab and still does drugs on a weekly basis? I’m sure the fans will understand my love for Walter and his many famous quotes – “Unless you have an IQ higher than mine, I am not interested in what you think.” / “Ah! My escort is here. And by escort, I mean prostitute”- which I could spend hours giggling with. And yet, despite the craziness Walter manages to melt your heart with his never-ending love for his son Peter and the struggle he often has with his own brilliant brain.

This list could go on a while, but I’ll keep it limited to these three for now. Tell me, who would you like as a fictional friend of family member?