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Cozy Knits

22 11 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

Topshop jacket (seen here) – Zara sweater & denim – H&M hat & scarf – Urban Outfitters bag – Sacha boots

During these cold, cold days it’s essential to wear multiple layers and cozy knits to stay warm. On a particularly grey and gloomy Saturday I needed an outfit that was really warm and comfortable at the same time since I was spending the entire day in Antwerp – this one turned out to be the perfect choice. A jacket I hadn’t worn in a while, paired with a simple warm sweater and my beloved Sacha boots, topped off with a beanie (of course) and a floral scarf. Off I go, got some work to finish and some planning to do for my upcoming New York trip – less than one month to go!

pictures by Paulien