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Fall Coat

28 11 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

Asos coat – Urban Outfitters sweater & dress – The Cambridge Company satchel – Isabel Marant sneakers

It’s fall, it’s cold – so a nice coat is a necessary staple in my wardrobe these days. There seriously was a time when I did not own a coat, I just used to wear several sweaters to keep myself warm. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking, it must have been one of those crazy teenage phases where I thought it was ultra cool to not wear a jacket. Ahh, the things you do when you’re young. Life’s so much easier and a whole lot warmer if you have a nice, cozy jacket when the temperatures drop below 10 degrees Celsius – remember that as the important fashion lesson of the day, kids! This one is very warm, I ordered it during the Asos sale last year but I have to admit it’s a size too big for my petite posture. In any case, I like it too much not to wear it – what do you think?

pictures by Gilles