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Wrap it up

25 11 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

festive Veritas collardwarf effect – new Fretons – Sunday pancakes – prepping for New Yorkbefore and after the Remmington mini-makeoveroutfit shooting – testing the Nikon Coolpix camera – grandma buttons – brainstorm at BelmodoSecond Hand, Second Life fashion show

Another few weeks gone by, another picture wrap-up! Just the usual collection of life’s little snapshots that weren’t captured with my beloved Canon, but with the thing I do carry around everyday: my phone. Speaking of, I’ve been craving a new one – one with a much better camera (and one that allows me to finally have an instagram account, I know: terrible and such a blogger thing to say) since my current phone is kind of lacking skills in that department. Still, I feel bad abandoning my cute HTC wildfire just for those reasons. I’ll probably wait until it breaks (and since I somehow manage to drop it every other day, that shouldn’t take too long anymore). I’ve got some fun events lined up in the next couple of weeks and of course I’m very excited about New York (is it obvious?) so stay tuned because of course I’ll keep you updated on all the fun!