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New York – The View

23 12 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

NY the view 1 - brunetteblogging.comNY the view 2 - brunetteblogging.comNY the view 3 - brunetteblogging.comNY the view 8 - brunetteblogging.comNY the view 4 - brunetteblogging.comNY the view 5 - brunetteblogging.comNY the view 6 - brunetteblogging.comNY the view 7 - brunetteblogging.com

Bright lights, big city. The last couple of days I explored the Big Apple, snapping pictures, eating burgers and having a great time. I flew back home after an amazing press trip and was on a plane to New York again the next day – incredibly exhausting? yes. worth it? I think so. I wouldn’t pass up on a chance to spend time in this amazing place. If this city is one thing (besides always awake), it’s photogenic. With beautiful skyscrapers, amazing architecture and lots of lights it’s no wonder that there are lots of amazing views to be seen – and I made sure to capture as many of them as possible on camera. Like what you see? Still got a couple of days left here, so I’ll make sure to enjoy them as much as I can, but I couldn’t resist sharing my first New York update with you!


  • http://Www.brusselslifebeauty.blogspot.co.uk/ brusselslifebeauty

    My gosh, how amazing are your pictures of nyc!
    And youre def right, the city is photogenic!
    I lived there twice but only one time of the two in manhattan.loved every second of it

  • Arleen Diaz

    loved the shots! makes me want to go to NYC asap!! xx


  • http://www.peachykeencaroline.com Caroline St. Francis

    Love these shots! I put a link to them on my last blog post! Check it out at http://peachykeencaroline.blogspot.com/

    ~ Caroline

  • http://devonsmiley.com/ Devon Smiley

    Love the shot of downtown Broadway – the stone and the fire escapes are so iconic. Enjoy your trip – I recommend the Pearl Oyster Bar on Cornelia – great lobster rolls and fried clams!


  • http://in-so-mnia.blogspot.be/ Insomnia

    Seems weird to fly back and forth, but you probably already had tickets booked and couldn’t return them. Anyhow, beautiful pictures, I can’t wait for moooore!
    Have a nice stay!


    • http://brunetteblogging.com/ Kim – brunetteblogging.com

      Did not fly back and forth for fun, believe me! Only because there was no other option :)

      • http://in-so-mnia.blogspot.be/ Insomnia

        That’s what I thought.

  • http://www.kellysteenlandt.com/ Kelly

    Oooh, ik wil terug! :) Geniet nog van de rest van je verblijf in The Big Apple!

  • http://www.cestquilafille.be/ Elodie_O

    Ah New York. In september helemaal verliefd op geworden en nu alweer hard aan het sparen om snel terug te kunnen gaan. Geniet er van en laat maar komen die foto’s!

  • Jennifer

    Ah I miss NY!

    xo Jennifer