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Paris is always a good idea

06 12 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

Zara parka – Topshop sweater & dress – Vintage boots – H&M scarf

Remember that I went shopping in Paris a couple of weeks ago? I splurged on some Isabel Marant, stuffed my face with a cheeseburger and chocolate cake and had fun with my blogger friends – you know, the usual. After being apart for more than a year (I forgot it at a friend’s house), I could finally wear my leopard scarf again even though I don’t like how scarves look with my long hair. It makes it go all poofy (yes, that’s a word), you know? You can file that under my scarf confession of the day. When it comes to traveling, you can pretty much bet on it that I’ll always say: “-insert random yet fabulous place here- is always a good idea”, but it sounds so much more romantic for Paris, n’est-ce pas?

pictures by Paulien