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The Blog Works

18 12 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

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The Blog Works, a seminar slash workshop for all of those bloggers who’d like to hear and learn more about blogging, the business behind it and the many thoughts that go with. Stéphanie Duval and Marie Lemaitre are the creative professionals behind TBW, ladies I’ve both worked with and admire for their drive and talent. Due to work, I couldn’t attend the first edition last year but made sure to reserve a spot for this edition. And regret it, I did not. The forenoon was the part I looked forward to the most because of the speakers who came to share their blogging wisdom. My personal favorites? Amber Venz, founder of RewardStyle, Susanna Lau – better known as Susie Bubble – and Arieta Mujay, River Island PR in the UK. Here’s a summary of my favorite quotes and speakers.

Quality over quantity. As it goes for anything in life, darling.” – dixit Arieta Mujay. Hilarity ensued after that remark, but it’s a statement I strongly believe in. I love to read blogs where you can really notice that the blogger took the time and effort to make a good quality post instead of five fast crappy ones. Not everyone may feel the same way, but it’s one tip this PR pro gave to the audience. Others included that you should be polite and easy to work with (don’t be a pushover, don’t be a diva) and that stats do matter from a brand’s point of view.

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If you want to grow, you need the help of others” – dixit Jantine Vaartjes of April and May. I guess this advice goes for everyone who starts their own project. You often start it all by yourself, feed it with content, work so hard and (hopefully) see it grow day by day. Yet, at a certain point you just can’t do it on your own anymore but it might be hard to let go of all the control you once had. Jantine said she had trouble letting go, but in order for your baby to really grow – you need to reach out to others and be willing to let them help you along the way.

Use your social media to create new content” – dixit Amber Venz. This may seem obvious, but I still found her take on the matter quite interesting. Since Amber’s field of blogging interest really focuses on making money, she knows first-hand how it works and which bloggers are successful in doing so. For instance: sell a tweet or pin instead of a post or include an affiliate link on other places than your blog and see your income double. According to Amber, your social media following is not the same as your blog readership – and this is something you’ll notice if you’re using affiliate links (more and different clicks lead to more sales for the blogger). Another good example of using your social media as an extended blogging tool is to, for example, broaden your blog post. Let’s say you’re wearing a beanie in an outfit post – the next social media step could be to create a pinterest board with different beanies you like and once again include new affiliate links.

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I say no to a lot of things. I’m probably the least ambitious person you’ll ever meet.” – dixit Susie Bubble. This Asian lady is one of the adorable kind (I have a feeling we should be friends). You can tell she trulymadlydeeply loves her blog and is certainly not in this game to make a quick pound – which is probably one of the factors that have defined her success since the beginning. Susie calls herself the odd one in the blogger bunch and says her traffic is relatively small compared to the super bloggers (she gets about 30 to 40 000 hits per day) – but she’s stubborn and wouldn’t have it any other way than to stay true to her creative self, which – she admits – might not be the best business point of view.

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After the speakers came the workshops, a part I enjoyed and where I learned a couple of new camera tricks. I followed the fashion and product photography classes, and learned more about the basics things you can do to improve a picture. In product photography, taught by the lovely Marta Majewska, I explored the world of food photography and how it’s important to think about the props you use to style your cocktail and/or any kind of food or drink.

Questions, thoughts, remarks? Let me know, and we’ll discuss it further in the comments. This post is obviously just a tiny fragment of the day, but I hope you enjoyed the summary anyway!

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The Blog Works – pictures by Oona and myself.