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Twenty Twelve

31 12 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

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That’s it, another year has gone by and at midnight we’ll all (hopefully) be having champagne, toasting to the new year with our friends and loved ones. Looking back at 2012 is just a bit more bittersweet than other years. While it may seem that it’s been a year of only smiles and happiness, there are always days when things aren’t so jolly (after all, I don’t live in a fairy tale). There were moments, people and places that were incredible and unforgettable – memories I’ll always cherish and be thankful for. 2012 was also the year I was confronted with some of the harder things in life, like difficult work experiences or parting ways with someone you loved for a very long time. All things that are a part of life, but they did make this year just a little different for me. It’s good to look back and reflect on what was, but even better to be excited and positive on what will be. Here’s to looking forward to 2013 – thank you for reading, visiting and helping me make some of those fashion dreams come true!


  • Jennifer

    Great snap shots!

    xo Jennifer


  • Afrodite

    Glad I was part of the experience! ^^ xxx

  • http://dressyourlifeblog.blogspot.com/ Dress your life.

    Altijd zo leuk om een review te zien en waarschijnlijk ook om te maken :) Wat een fantastisch jaar! Veel succes in 2013
    Dress your life.

  • http://rosalovesdc.tumblr.com/ RosaLovesDC

    Happy New Year!

  • petra

    2012 zag er geweldig uit, leuk al die foto’s op een rijtje te zien!
    Fijn eindejaar en alvast een fantastisch 2013 gewenst! xx

  • http://stylingdutchman.blogspot.com/ annebeth

    mijn gedacht van 2012: de taart was verrot, maar het glazuur was best lekker.

  • http://in-so-mnia.blogspot.be/ Insomnia

    Happy New Year, dear! Let 13 only bring luck to all of us! xoxo