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Two days in Antwerp

01 12 2012 / BY Brunette Blogging

Day 1: Two days, one city. It just so happened that work, events and friends led me to Antwerp two days in a row this week. On the first day, there was light – beautiful Christmas lights in the city streets, that is. I rushed over to the Lancel store for an interview, did some outfit shooting in the cold with Paulien and warmed up with lots of coffee later at CafĂ©matic, where Patricia and Elien joined in on all that fun. It kind of felt like our very own Sex and the City meets Friends moment – needless to say we had a very good time! Coffee turned into cocktail time when I headed over to the Fred Perry anniversary event at the old Club Industria. As the documentary “6 decades of sub cultures” played, I sipped on champagne and dozed off slightly in the couch, until two bands started playing their groovy tunes. Since my stomach is never satisfied with just coffee and champagne; Gilles, Elien & myself decided to indulge in a late night greasy snack – and that was the end of a very fun day one.

Day 2: Honestly, you can always tempt me to go to Antwerp if it includes a little shopping. Yesterday night we all headed over to the G-STAR store to pick out some denim – but first I did some pre-shopping (I bought the purple hat and some sparkly knitwear that I’ll show you soon), took more outfit shots, drank some soup with Annebeth and Sabina and last but not least tried on a whole lot of denim. I decided to go for a very comfy pair with a lot of stretch (you know, for those not-so-skinny days) in a beautiful dark blue. After more champagne, we let out our inner Spice Girls and chatted the night away.

coffee drinking picture + blurry Club Industria shot by Elien, Spice Girls picture by Paulien, first Fred Perry picture by Media Mania.



  • Hannah T.

    Vanwaar ben je? :) I <3 Antwerpen ;)
    Je hebt echt een fantastische blog!

    x Hannah


    • http://brunetteblogging.com/ Kim – brunetteblogging.com

      Ik ben van de Brusselse omgeving, maar ga binnenkort in Antwerpen wonen :) Dankjewel!

  • Jennifer

    I love your dressing room picture!

    xo Jennifer


  • http://sweetaslime.be/ Lana | Sweet As Lime

    Haha, love that group picture! Such a happy bunch.

  • http://dressyourlifeblog.blogspot.com/ Dress your life.

    Die Spice Girls foto is super! :)

  • http://www.misizk.com/ misizk

    voel mij nu echt wel buitengesloten!

    • http://brunetteblogging.com/ Kim – brunetteblogging.com

      je was meer dan welkom hoor :)

  • http://www.dogsanddresses.com/ Elien | DOGSANDDRESSES.COM

    haha we zijn echt spice girls! ANTWERP FOR PREZ!

    • http://brunetteblogging.com/ Kim – brunetteblogging.com

      sowieso! jij bent ginger spice ;)

      • http://www.woodandrags.com/ Gilles / Wood and Rags

        Niemand is ginger spice! Ik was verliefd op ginger spice!

        • http://brunetteblogging.com/ Kim – brunetteblogging.com

          You can’t claim ginger!