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Life Lately #3

27 01 2013 / BY Brunette Blogging

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Life goes by so fast, sometimes it’s nice to stand still for a moment and look back at the fun times you had. These are some leftover shots from the past month or so, which included lots and lots of trips to Antwerp (for events, apartment hunting or social gatherings) and the beautiful views that go with it. I’m already quite fond of my new soon-to-be home, that’s for sure. What else is on the picture menu? My new Secrid wallet – a little compact and luxurious solution to keep your cards safe and all in one place -, lots and lots of curly hair, a very sunny moment in Central Park and the pairs of shoes that traveled with me to New York. In case you’re curious like George, just click on the link that appears when you hover over the images. And that’s that, have a good Sunday!