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The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

15 01 2013 / BY Brunette Blogging

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Oohlala, fancy schmancy. Those were pretty much the first words that came to mind when the British Airway people (hi Camilla! hi Helena!) informed us that we were staying at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, located at the Upper West Side in New York. I know – it almost sounds like a Gossip Girl setting, but alas I did not see Blair and Chuck breaking slash making up in the lobby or Serena drinking her fancy sorrows away at the bar of the hotel. They probably prefer the East side anyway. In any case, this girl was happy as a hippo to be staying here in a beautiful big room with a heavenly bed and a view of Central Park. 5th Avenue was just a minute-walk away, which led to some VISA damage – but hey, when you’re staying at the Ritz-Carlton, do as the Upper West-siders do (or go bankrupt trying).

My absolute favorite part? The delicious breakfast we got to enjoy in the Club Lounge every morning – a buffet with fresh blueberries, cheese, salmon and bagels is all I need to wake up with a huge smile on my face. The fact that I was in a beautiful hotel in New York also had something to do with that, I guess. And last but not least, there were some soft white hotel slippers to enjoy (remember Amsterdam?) after a day of walking around in the city that never sleeps. Sometimes life can truly be so amazing, so I’m sending a big virtual thank you again to all the people that made this trip as wonderful as it was.


  • http://in-so-mnia.blogspot.be/ Insomnia

    The amount of fresh berries just indicates the price of a stay there. I’d eat them aaaaall :D


  • Siel

    Fancy shmancy inderdaad :D Daar zou ik ook geen nee tegen zeggen!


  • Hannah T.

    Wow! Ziet er zalig uit!!! Jaloers ;)

    x Hannah


  • Jennifer

    Yeah I don’t think they’d ever get me to leave that place!

    xo Jennifer


  • Jillian

    Wow! Looks awesome! I want to stay there!

  • http://www.misizk.com/ misizk

    na het zien van dit moeten we daar toch eens serieus over nadenken! tussen haakjes ik geloof dat Blair en aanhang vooral in the new york palace en in the plaza zaten ;).

  • http://www.misizk.com/ misizk

    de reden waarom wij nooit de ritz gekozen hebben, is inderdaad om de pure Louis14 stijl! Peninsula en Plaza hebben dat ook! Plaza trouwens op een iets frissere manier! Maar langs de andere kant waren de lounge faciliteiten dan weer een gigantisch pluspunt en ik geloof dat ze ook een Bentley hebben waar je mag meer rondtoeren

  • Krizia

    Lookin’ good!

    Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

    x Krizia

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  • http://lovelygrowl.blogspot.be/ Sarah

    Dat ziet er echt geweldig uit, zeker het ontbijt! Hopelijk kan ik ook ooit naar New York, one day :)

  • http://www.curlsandbags.com/ Nathalie curlsandbags.com

    Wauw ziet er geweldig uit!


  • http://rosalovesdc.tumblr.com/ RosaLovesDC

    Fancy indeed!!! Love the breakfast bar.

  • http://www.goesting-belgium.blogspot.be Marijke V.

    Amaaaai! Aangezien ontbijten voor mij het belangrijkste – en leukste – van de dag is, zou ik hier heeeeeeel blij zijn. Maar anders ook natuurlijk. Zo fancy!

  • http://auxpaysdesmerveilles.wordpress.com/ Hannelore

    Wauw, fancy schmancy indeed!