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Three girls and a pizza place

20 01 2013 / BY Brunette Blogging

Three girls and a pizza place 1 - brunetteblogging.com
Three girls and a pizza place 2 - brunetteblogging.com
Three girls and a pizza place 3 - brunetteblogging.com

We’re blurry, we’re laughing and there was some pizza involved in all of this. These are just a couple of shots from my birthday dinner (which included more people, but then the title and pictures would have gotten a whole lot more complicated) last week at Bar Italia in Antwerp. For those of you wondering: good pizza, yummy pasta but all in all quite expensive for an Italian restaurant. If you don’t know these lovely ladies yet, that’s Afrodite on the left and Elien in the middle – and yes, they both have wonderful blogs that are worth a visit. Have a lovely Sunday!


  • http://www.thefashionfolio.com/ Afrodite

    WAAROM heb ik hier nooit op gereageerd :o ? Kei stout van mij! oooh, hoe leuk was die dinner! Vooral het moment dat Gilles gek werd van foto’s te trekken muhaahahaa

  • Jennifer
  • http://stylingdutchman.blogspot.com/ annebeth

    shiny shiny locks, pretty pretty babes!

  • http://inemiene.blogspot.com/ Ine

    Super leuke foto’s!!


  • http://lovelygrowl.blogspot.be/ Sarah

    Super mooie foto’s! Jullie zien er alledrie geweldig uit :)

  • http://www.dogsanddresses.com/ Elien | DOGSANDDRESSES.COM

    zoooo leuk :) in de tweede foto KON IK HET NIMEER AAN :p X

    • http://brunetteblogging.com/ Kim – brunetteblogging.com


  • MissBettyBoop2

    you are all adorable :D


  • http://www.bowsarecute.be/ BowsAreCute

    Hmm, dat adresje moet ik onthouden voor de volgende trip naar Antwerpen!



  • Sophie

    Jullie haar ligt echt purrrfect, precies net van de kapper straight to dinner.