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Girissima Sales Pick

20 02 2013 / BY Brunette Blogging

People sometimes (okay, often) say I’m a princess. I wish I could disagree, but then again there’s something fun about getting what you want and wearing tiaras all day long. No, it’s not really like that (have you ever even seen me wearing a tiara?) but one princess-quality I do own is the fact that I like to dress up. A luxurious brocade April May dress or a soft Custommade top is all I need to make my day a-ok. A handsome prince is also acceptable.

The more, the merrier because two colors are more fun than one. Yes, I have a tendency to go a little crazy with rhyming when the opportunity presents itself. As they say – it’s all in the details – and I have to agree. A neutral sweater with a sleeve dipped in green or simple ballerina flats with a black tip? I’d like to welcome you both in my closet now, please.

Since I’m a part-time freelancer, I work at home quite a lot – which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing since I don’t have to deal with traffic, can work in my pajamas and wear no make-up whatsoever. A curse because you start to feel like a sad, unproductive human being if you do this every day. Therefore I’ve made a new rule: dress casual, comfortable and pretty, even when I’m working from home. These Reiko jeans, mixed with cute striped socks and a cozy cardigan can be my home office outfit every day.

Nothing cooler than a grandpa look because, honestly, who is more fly than your grand-father? There even was that time when I asked him if I could borrow his shirts, but turns out there was a little problem when it came to sizing and all. Luckily, I can just try to copy his style in clothes that do fit me well. Roll up this Monkee Genes chino, add a cool purse and put on a checked shirt – it’s grandpa chic!

P.S. This post is sponsored by Girissima, I picked out my favorite items – they’re all on sale and as you can see I made it super-simple for you to click, click, click.