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This is what makes us girls

05 02 2013 / BY Brunette Blogging

Oh Lana, I could sing along with your slightly troubled songs any day and always feel like I’m going on a sunny road trip somewhere with my friends, ready to have the time of our lives. Your songs oddly cheer me up – maybe because it feels like you’re more troubled than me (even though you’re a thousand times richer and have a Mulberry bag named after you) or because us girls take comfort in the fact knowing that there are other people out there that have been through crappy, confusing and amazingly fun times as well. And when I’m singing along in my car, your lyrics make me ponder about all the things that make us girls.

Feet don’t fail me now, take me to the finish line. Troubled times or just difficult shoes? From my experience, both are possible. We may feel like we’re not strong enough to make it to the finish line on our own sometimes, but we’re always stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Remember that first heartbreak and how it felt you would never ever recover from that? Yeah, you probably cried your eyes out but by now you may hardly remember the guy’s name (okay, you probably still do). You made it through, pat yourself on the back. If your feet seem to fail you, just lean on a friend’s shoulder – works if you’re in excruciating pain after a night in heels, also works if you feel like crap.

Remember how we used to party up all night, sneaking out and looking for a taste of real life. Is it just me or does everyone get that flashback of you and your friends, dancing on tables at the local parties in outfits that are just shamefully wrong when you look back on it now? Those were the days when you danced, laughed and really didn’t have a single care in the world – even though it didn’t seem like it back then. Good times, but then again there is something equally exhilarating about actually having that taste of real life. Growing up isn’t always bad, as long as you can stay a kid at heart, right?

You’re not good for me, but baby I want you. We may have finally reached that age to be mature enough to wear red lipstick, stay out all night and be completely free in making our own decisions – but that doesn’t mean we always make the right ones. Sometimes, you know you can’t justify the fact that you bought another pair of ridiculously expensive shoes, but baby – you want them. Even if that means you’ll have to live off noodle soup for the next month. This also goes for men, which is probably what Lana was talking about. Bad boys, not particularly my cup of tea – too much drama, not enough pleasure. I’ll just stick to the ones that are good for me and will make bad decisions about shoes.

Here’s to all the little crazy things that makes us girls (or you know, women) and to having friends to act crazy with, that understand your stupid jokes and are always willing to ride with you on a road-trip to the sun. And you know, to hoping we all may end up with someone that fits us better than our favorite sweater.

This is what makes us girls

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  • Virginie Blancquaert

    Gotta love Lana & her crazy lyrics. Kende iedere lyric uit je tekst :). Mooi geschreven!

  • http://twitter.com/LauraPaulineK Laura Willems

    Ik luister niet naar Lana, maar na het lezen van dit stukje moet ik dat misschien wel eens proberen :) Mooi geschreven Kim!

  • Kate

    There is something to be said about growing in ourselves, stretching out our sweaters, until we are quite clear about what space we need in order to fit with others.

    Kate from Clear the Way


    pretty pic )

    nice post )

    Angela Donava

  • http://stylingdutchman.blogspot.com/ annebeth

    echt een mooie post, Kim. Altijd mijn favorietjes op je blog. Heel goed geschreven en net persoonlijk genoeg :)

  • http://in-so-mnia.blogspot.be/ Insomnia

    Oh, yes, those mesmerizing songs, make us really dream away. Wishing for the things we never had/have or for the once that we did.

  • http://www.aliceroxy.blogspot.com/ Charlotte Everaert

    mm dat lied doet me denken aan zo’n typisch amerikaans dorp, waar meisjes op de straten lopen als de zon ondergaat, kinda Wildfox-like.. sigh.

  • http://twitter.com/Krizia_S Krizia Schiavone

    I love Lana and her songs, and you said: every girl can relate to them.
    My fav’ is also ‘This Is What Makes Us Girls’, it perfectly describes my best friend and I when we were about 16 – 17 years old. Good old times.

    • http://stylingdutchman.blogspot.com/ annebeth

      lana weet echt hoe het is om een meisje te zijn. Hoe komt het dat quasi niemand erin slaagt om de gevoelens en twijfels en de euforie van die leeftijd neer te pennen? Behalve Sofia Coppola misschien.