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Camo Print

08 04 2013 / BY Brunette Blogging

Camo Print 1 - brunetteblogging.com

Zara beanie & parka – Vero Moda tunic – H&M skirt – vintage boots – Asos satchel – Michael Kors watch

Hey there – look, I’m wearing a dress! That’s been a while, hasn’t it? I guess it was just too cold lately for not wearing pants. Don’t know why, but that particular day I felt like wearing stripes and some camouflage print – so I just did. Bam, I’m crazy like that. So, let’s talk about the hair – I want your opinion (really). Do you think that I should keep it long and luscious (example: this post right here!) or go a bit shorter for spring (example: this post – where I’m also wearing awesome heels, but that’s a different matter). Tell me, virtual friends!

Camo Print 2 - brunetteblogging.com
Camo Print 3 - brunetteblogging.com
Camo Print 4 - brunetteblogging.com

Pictures by Gilles


  • Yasmine

    Ik vind je haar nu echt prachtig! Maar ik begrijp je dilemma: lang haar is heel warm in de zomer, en als je’t nu knipt, dan is het tegen de herfst weer lang, haha!

  • http://in-so-mnia.blogspot.be/ Insomnia

    Ik vind jouw haarlengte nu leuk, zeker met die subtiele golf erin. Houden!


  • Jennifer

    Love the combo of camo and stripes!

    xo Jennifer


  • Leen Philips

    Wauw dit is echt een geweldige outfit! Vooral die vest & handtas is echt leuk, en ik zelf zou niets aan je haar veranderen, eerlijk. Ik vind het echt mooi zoals het is, mooi lang, en een leuk froufroutje! Maar je moet natuurlijk doen waar je je zelf goed bij voelt :)

    Liefs, leen

    • http://brunetteblogging.com/ Kim – brunetteblogging.com

      Tuurlijk! Maar ik twijfel nog :)

  • Leona

    On this post you’re hair looks really nice!! Although i like the “bit shorter for spring-version” too, it lookes really fresh… Actually i’m dealing with the same dilemma so i’m not sure i’m the right person to help you out :-). (I also want to say that i really like the shoes in the older post: You should definitely wear them this summer!) X

  • http://atleastblog.com/ Lisa

    Very nice outfit, I like that you always look so natural in your photos!


    • http://brunetteblogging.com/ Kim – brunetteblogging.com

      Thank you!

  • http://www.misizk.com/ misizk

    huge fan of those military shirts (probably not the right fashion description)! dresses, well i haven’t worn them in a while either! still wearing tights too, my legs are nog summer proof yet, they look odd. love the 3th shot very much and the rest too off course

  • http://Scenebyc.com/ Charlotte – Scene by C

    Long and luscious for the win! Pretty jealous of your wavy lengths :)