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Why I’d rather spend money on travel than clothes

Your eyes aren’t fooling you – I really did just write that title. In the world of fashion, objects are more than once described as “something to die for” (I hope we’re all still saying that as a matter of speech and not in the actual sense of the word) and designer bags by Céline, Balenciaga or Givenchy are coveted things that will generally cost you way more than a month’s rent.

Depending on how you travel (this equation does not apply to luxury travelers, but then again – they can probably afford a fancy bag and five star hotel too), one designer bag with a hefty price tag can easily cover the cost of a two-week trip abroad (or so my personal experience has taught me). For me, the choice is easily made. Sure – I’ve found myself pinning slash secretly dreaming of those beautiful expensive things too, but when push comes to shove at the check-out counter I just can’t ever seem to convince myself to pay that.much.money. for one item.

Whether you wish to spend your money on clothes or travel is a personal decision – one I won’t judge, for that matter – but over the years, I’ve come to the realisation that being able to travel the world just means so much more to me than a pretty bag I can carry around. If I could have a conversation with my 16-year-old-self, I’d tell her to stop spending so much on that fast fashion and start using her money for better things. Of course, she’d totally roll her eyes at me.

Traveling the world means enriching yourself, broadening your horizon and perspective on things – because it often forces you to experience new cultures and ways of living, which will encourage some self-reflection. It creates wanderlust – and the realization that your life doesn’t have to happen in simply one place. And yes, even though that beautiful bag will also bring you joy – I feel like it can’t compete with the thrill of traveling somewhere new. Even though I too, will remain an admirer of all things beautiful (I’m still part fashion blogger, after all) and won’t shy away of a new closet addition from time to time – these days I’ll also take a moment to reflect on where that money could take me next.

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  • Hannah T.
  • Krizia
  • Stephanie Duval

    word. though for me personally, the ‘spend your money on travel’ concept turned out to be a phase just as much as the ‘more more more fashion’ phase. i think that, as you move through life, your priorities shift. which is not to say you shouldn’t absolutely take full advantage of being able to travel as much and as far as you possibly can right now :)

    i’m just saying that maybe one day you’ll get tired and want to settle down and spend your money on a house, instead of fashion or travel. or not. but i think it’s fine to evolve and spend your hard-earned money on different things throughout your life – would be terribly boring if we all had to fit just one category all the time. so be grateful for your 16-year-old fashion-crazed self – she paved the road to where you are now. ;)

    • Yes! And your priorities also shift with your disposable budget. Like, when I only had a little free cash, I could not for the life of me understand why people would spend a lot of money on ONE item rather than just buying a cheaper version and saving the rest. Now, through experience, I know that buying a cheaper version usually results in thinking “this really isn’t exactly what I wanted in the first place”, which enables your wandering eye. You stay on the lookout for the next best thing, or, honestly, that one perfect thing. Now that I have a little more cash at hand after covering the basic bills, I just go straight for that one thing that I really want. Better quality, better design, higher price. And then I notice I don’t feel the need to buy as much, because of this one thing that really satisfies my need/want. And in the end, I probably end up spending less rather than more per month on style.

      We all want nice things, nice experiences, a nice life. We want that feeling of progress, of working towards something that makes it all worthwhile. Slowly building towards your image of how your life would ideally be. For me, maintenance around the house is one of those things that really make me very happy about spending money :-D That feeling of “well, that’s sorted for the next few years” is incredibly satisfying if you’ve had to postpone fixing important things for months because you just didn’t have the budget. Like “I got this shit under control”. That’s my drug.

    • Sure, I definitely see your point :) It’s true we all experience different phases and needs in our life. It’s just that sometimes (with other priorities in mind) I kind of regret not saving up that money a bit more when I was younger.

      • Stephanie Duval

        no regrets though – just life lessons :)

  • Because no bag will last as long as your memories!

  • EllenV

    Prachtig verwoord :)

  • Ik snap het volledig! :)