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My happy & healthy list

It’s easy to get caught up and complain about the little things, yet it doesn’t always seem so easy for a lot of us to be happy and thankful for the things we do have. I’m not saying I’m happy as a unicorn all the time – but I’ve grown much more aware of my behavior and my “happy factor” compared to a few years ago. These days, I’m much more concerned with my happiness & how to make it happen – and I quickly realized that a lot of that lies in appreciating the little things. You know what they say: cliches are true for a reason. When I finished my “list”, I read it again and thought that some of these might sound contradictory, but it’s really all about finding a balance and being nice to yourself when you decide to indulge every now and then. These are ten things that are on my happy and healthy list, what kind of things would you put on yours?

1. Only drink water, avoid all other unnatural drinks – especially those loaded with sugar. Definitely make an exception for bubbles, wine and coffee.
2. Be aware that other people’s life aren’t Pinterest perfect either.
3. Build a wardrobe with quality pieces that you really love – instead of it being overflown by fast fashion. Happy closet, happy home.
4. Be kind to others, and certainly don’t forget about yourself.
5. Travel as often as you can, but don’t forget to appreciate and indulge in the beauty of your own country and cities too. It’s pretty awesome!
6. Eat healthy and don’t think of it as a punishment – you’re doing your body a favor. Allow yourself some “bad things” too (mine include french fries, chocolate and hamburgers – so good that these are simply impossible to live without).
7. Try something new every now and then. Whether it’s a recipe (avocado chocolate mousse, anyone?), an interior DIY project or something you simply feel like would be good for you.
8. Be aware of what you eat. Avoid processed food and refined sugars. Cooking and eating healthy doesn’t equal dieting.
9. Don’t take the people that really matter in your life for granted. They may always be there for you, but it never hurts to let them know you truly appreciate them.
10. Find out what makes you most happy in life, and do that. No matter what other people have to say about it.

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