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Looking outside, it definitely isn’t sandal season just yet – but since we’re March already I’m sure the warmer days aren’t too far away. When I decided to go for these glitter-heeled Liu Jo sandals at the SKM shopping event, there was a tiny little voice in my head questioning if I would really wear these that much but it was quickly silenced because I figured these would provide the perfect addition to a simple denim and shirt kinda look. And when I thought about it some more, I realized I really couldn’t live another day without a sequin heel in my closet (also known as: crazy shopping theories by Kim). I kind of can’t wait to wear them, and if you’re looking forward to the softer spring days too – here’s a little extra Sunday shopping inspiration for you!

sandals selection - brunette blogging
1. Aldo 2. Sam Edelman 3. Faith

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