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Cleanse, Hydrate, Sleep, Repeat.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me: for someone that doesn’t consider herself a beauty blogger, I do spend an awful lot of time on beauty in my daily life. Not on the make-up part (I pretty much stick to the basics here), but on the cleansing and hydrating part. Over the years, I’ve definitely become a firm believer that you should take very good care of your skin and I will never ever go to bed without taking my make-up off first (even though my ritual in doing so might be slightly shorter at 3AM). So I thought it was high time I gave you a little update on my favorite products, and how I cleanse.

products in the first picture (from left to right): Nuxe anti-fatigue moisturising eye cream via PharmaMarketCaudalie Vinosource moisturizing fluidCaudalie instant detox mask

My night routine is the most extensive – here’s a little breakdown of how it goes down. First up is the removing of the make-up, obviously. The basic products I use for that first aren’t pictured here, because I’m looking for something new and am not particularly excited about the ones I’m using now (read: a simple cleansing milk and micellair water). After that, I use one of my face wash products (long-time favorite is the cleansing foam by Caudalie or newcomer dedicated face wash by RainPharma). When I have a bit more time, I’ll go for the make-up removing cleansing oil by Caudalie first, followed by the deep cleansing exfoliator – which is one of my absolute favorite products. Your skin will feel smoother than a baby’s bottom after using this one. On other days, I switch it up by using a mask instead of the exfoliator (that really just depends on my mood rather than anything else). The cleansing brush by Remington adds a little extra touch to the routine, since it boosts the effects of cleansing products and is ten times more effective than using your hands to cleanse. There are three different heads for this one, I probably use the one for sensitive skin the most frequent, but the other ones are good as well. Since the cleansing cycle of the brush only takes 60 seconds, it’s also time effective – score.

Weekly beauty ritual // Brunette Blogging

cleansers (clockwise): RainPharma dedicated face wash – Remington reveal facial cleansing brush – Caudalie deep cleansing exfoliatorCaudalie make-up removing cleansing oilCaudalie instant foaming cleanser

After the cleansing comes the hydrating, and at night I’ll usually go for a combination of three products. Oils or serums first (I always have a hard time choosing between my anti-wrinkle defense serum or the overnight detox oil, but kind of prefer the latter), followed by the Caudalie anti-wrinkle protect fluid. For under-eye treatment, I tend to favor the Nuxe cream when I feel I need a little extra boost, since it’s specifically for anti-puffiness and tired eyes. In the morning I usually just put on the Caudalie vinosource moisturising cream since it absorbs faster (and ain’t nobody got time to put three hydrating products on their face in the AM). My motto for beauty (and food) these days is to go as natural as possible, so it’s no surprise Caudalie is one of my favorite brands – they offer a great range of products at a nice price, win win. Tell me, are you a firm believer of cleansing and hydrating daily as well? Let’s hope so, your skin will only thank you later!

Weekly beauty ritual // Brunette Blogging

serums and creams: Caudalie anti-wrinkle defense serumCaudalie overnight detox oilCaudalie anti-wrinkle protect fluidCaudalie anti-wrinkle eye and lip cream

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