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Brussels | Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

Royal Greenhouses

When you live in Belgium, chances are you’ll be quite familiar with the concept of the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken – in fact, maybe you’ve even been there yourself. They had popped up on my radar before, but I never actually made it there until last year (on the last day, no less). It’s silly, because I live so closeby, but too often we forget to visit the things worth seeing in our own surroundings in favor of traveling the world to see other places. A visit to the greenhouses is definitely worth it (my favorite part is the so-called Winter Garden, which is actually the first greenhouse that was built here), but I do have to note that the crowd can get very big – which doesn’t necessarily makes for a relaxing walk. Just something to maybe mentally prepare for, also when it comes to taking pictures. The Royal Greenhouses are only open once a year for three weeks (a tradition that’s been carried on for a century), which explains the fact that you won’t be the only one walking around here. If possible, go during a weekday – I can imagine it will be much quieter then.

The greenhouses were designed by Alphonse Balat, the mentor of Victor Horta – so you know you’re in for a treat. How amazing would it be to call these greenhouses part of your garden? Ahh, and the princess fantasies continue.

Practical info

The greenhouses will be open from the 14th of April until the 5th of May in 2017, you can visit every day except Monday. Parking can be found across the main entrance gate. The address is Avenue du Parc Royal, 1020 Brussels, and you will pay 2,5 Euros to get in.




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