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Amsterdam | Hotspot List


If you’ve ever been in Amsterdam, you’ll know it’s basically one big playground for hotspots and hipsters. So yes, there’s plenty to see and do – and while it’s impossible to go bundle everything in one post, I can share my favorites from my recent (and previous trips). I’ve (sort of) grouped them per area, so you’ll know what to find where.


Around the area of Amsterdam Oud-West

SHOP // If you love plants, be sure to make a stop at Wildernis. This is a really cute stop slash shop for anything green – from plenty cool little pots for your plant darlings, to plant books, to plant gadgets, to – well – plants of course. Another fun one to be found in this area is The Darling, of which you can find several locations scattered over Amsterdam. This is a fun shop for clothes, deco and dainty jewelry (it’s where I got my cactus necklace from).

FOOD // Hip birds of a feather flock together at Kanarie Club, which has a really cool vibe and interior – make sure to put it on your list! You can do some work here at one of the desks, have a cocktail, or some food. It’s located at the Foodhallen, so you immediatly have a hundred other food options at your disposal if needed. Other spots to try for coffee in this neigborhood are Lot Sixty One or Berry Amsterdam.

– Kanarie Club-

– Pluk-

Around the area of the Negen Straatjes

SHOP // For clothes, deco and jewellery make sure to stop by Nuvo Niche. Don’t forget about Episode, the classic for vintage clothes, and stop by this location of The Darling as well. If you’re crazy about cards, pens and more, make sure to have a peek at Like Stationary. Another fun stop is OU. Boutique by Val+Rose, where you’ll find the prettiest selection of brands and clothes.

EAT // A must on your list is Pluk, which is basically the cutest little breakfast slash lunch spot, and you can buy a lot of fun stuff here too (warning: being in Amsterdam hurts your wallet). It can get crowded pretty quick though, so if it’s full you can try your luck at Ree47 for coffee, cake or lunch. An Amsterdam “classic” (or at least for me, I always ended up here during my first visits to the city) is Pancakes Amsterdam, where you can have “poffertjes” and pancakes, of course. If you fancy a quick burger for dinner, try Burgerlijk.

DO // This area is located right by the Westerkerk and the Anne Frank house (if you can find the courage to queue), and you can pop in for free in the Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk – a church which has a beautiful and colorful interior. Also, take some time to simply stroll alongside the famous canals here (Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht & Herengracht are the prettiest).

-The Darling-

Around the area of Oude Pijp

SHOP // You’ll find plenty of lovely boutiques here, but make sure to stop by Anna + Nina, All the luck in the world and Things I like, Things I love. You’ll be sure to find all the dainty jewellery, fun stationary, plant supplies and beautiful clothes here.

EAT // As a real avocado freak, I had to stop by the newly-opened Avocado Show. I have to admit I thought it was a bit expensive and overhyped, but the service was really friendly though. Other fun spots in the neighborhood are CT Coffee & coconuts (a super huge and popular place), or the cute and often crowded Corner Bakery.


Around the area of Haarlemmerdijk and Haarlemmerstraat

SHOP // Yet another fun area to shop (did I mention that being in Amsterdam hurts your wallet?). A stop at Restored is mandatory to have a look at the beautiful building alone, but they also have really cool stuff inside. Think: alternative guides, sunglasses, watches and backpacks. Concrete Matter is a pretty cool gift shop for men with cool vintage posters, and Zenza is the place to be for all your oriental interior wishes. You can shop the coolest denim at Tenue de Nîmes and find the perfect glasses at Ace & Tate.

DO // More about my absolute favorite movie theatre in Amsterdam below, but make sure to check out The Movies too. It’s the oldest functioning cinema in Amsterdam with an art deco interior, and going here will surely make your movie night even more special.

Around the area of Amsterdam Centraal

SHOP // This is the area that is the most known or mainstream when it comes to shopping and tourism. Chances are big you’ll be coming by train to Amsterdam, which means you’ll arrive smack in the middle of the centre. I’ve spent many visits doing some shopping at Monki, the Bijenkorf or H&M Home (before we had it in Belgium) before catching my train.

DO // Theater Tuschinski was recommended to me by a local, and I could hardly believe this gem had never popped up on my radar before. This is truly one of the most extraordinary movie theaters you’ll ever see – so go and watch a movie here in room 1, the interior and attention to detail will surely take your breath away. (Make sure you’re in the right location – there’s a modern Pathé theatre just around the corner. I ended up here first and got really confused wondering where the pretty interior was to be found.)

EAT // I didn’t get to try it myself, but apparently the burgers at Ter Marsh & Co are really good. It’s closeby Tuschinski – so it’s perfectly possible to combine these two on a movie night.


Do let me know if you’ve got your own hotspots or tips to share in the comments below, because it surely won’t be the last time I’ll be visiting this wonderful city. Hope you enjoyed my guide!

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