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Norway: highlights

The stunning nature. It might sound obvious to mention, but it’s most likely the number one reason to go to Norway so how can I not include it in my list? The fact is, Norway is truly unique and super diverse – and one of those countries where you can enjoy Mother Nature at its best. There’s basically a stunning view lurking around every corner, no matter where you go. It’s also a very clean and safe country – which is definitely an added plus.

The Stave Churches. These beautiful medieval churches are a “common” sight in Norway, and they’re listed on the world heritage site by UNESCO. In fact, Norway is the only country where you can find so many of them (there are only 28 remaining). In any case, they’re quite interesting to see and a few of them are bound to be on your travel itinerary somewhere when you’re traveling through Norway. We ticked three off the list: Fantoft stave church (near Bergen), Borgund stave church (the black one pictured here) and Lom stave church.

The cities. When you’re heading to Norway, chances are that your trip will mainly revolve around nature. However, there are some cities that deserve a bit of spotlight too. Bergen is the (much) smaller, charming one, whilst Oslo is like the cool, big sister. Bergen has the pretty wooden coloured houses by the water (known as the “Bryggen area”), a great viewpoint over the city, the most charming little streets and houses and plenty of cool street art. It’s like a mini-city where history, nature and hipness are all mixed together and it’s quite fun to explore! Oslo is much bigger and has more of that city vibe – places like the Opera House and the Vigeland park are a must-visit when you’re there. I’d recommend to put both of them on your travel itinerary if you’re into mixing a bit of city fun with nature vibes.

Glacier hiking. Hiking is pretty much the main activity in Norway, and you’ll find an abundance of opportunities to do so. Glacier hiking however, is a bit different and can’t be done everywhere. These hikes are mostly guided because it’s not very safe to do this on your own when you’re not experienced in the matter. A glacier (or normal) hike can get pretty intense and exhausting though, depending on where and how high the hike is taking you – but the actual glacier hike itself is rather chill (you’re bound together by a rope with your group so you’re going at a pretty slow pace) – which is cool because you’ll want to enjoy the view!

The Geiranger Fjord. Norway has many beautiful places to discover and the Geiranger Fjord is definitely one of them. We really enjoyed some stunning views here, and a lovely day on the water. One thing to note though: this area is quite known, so there are a lot of tourists. There are big cruise ships arriving every morning to drop off their passengers for the day, but we weren’t too bothered by that. We stayed on a camping at the other side of the water from the center, and that was a perfect location for us. Top activities here are the hikes (the viewpoints were pretty much the best of our Norway trip), or renting a boat and exploring the fjords from the water. Definitely recommended on a sunny day!

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