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Blogging Break

Hello again! I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my blog, but it was just too difficult to stay on top of things whilst traveling. You could still follow along my adventures on Instagram, but a little blogging break was inevitable – however, I promise to catch up with plenty of new posts soon! We’ve only been back from our three-month trip through Southeast Asia since Friday afternoon, so everything is still a bit of a blur at the moment but I’m allowing myself some time to get adjusted to Belgian life again. Our flight(s) back didn’t go quite as smooth as we hoped, so for now I am really happy to be back home – even though it is strange to wear pants and sweaters again. Not that I’m complaining, because everyone keeps telling us how cold it really was before we arrived. This won’t be the last time I’ll say it around here, but our trip was pretty amazing – I think I just need a little time to really process everything we saw and did (and maybe, a little bit more sleep too) so I’m just going to say bye for now, stay tuned for more coherent updates when I actually feel like a normal human again!

Outfit details: Levi’s jacket – Love Moschino sweater – J Brand denim – Sacha boots – Bershka bag – Ray-Ban sunglasses
Pictures by: Wim

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