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Postcards from Colombia

¡Hola! Time to break the radio slash blog silence with an update from my latest (amazing) trip: Colombia! Despite the typical reactions you receive when you’re telling people you’re going to Colombia (aka: isn’t it dangerous / watch out), I can say for a fact that we fell hard for this beautiful country and the kind people. And if you’re thinking of going, don’t hesitate or let anyone tell you not to. This trip has definitely made its way on my list of favorites! To give a quick idea of our itinerary, we made stops in Bogota, Cartagena, San Andres, Guatapé, Medellin & Salento – my top three out of those are Salento, Cartagena & Guatapé just because of their relaxed vibe, beautiful towns/buildings and surrounding nature (but I should add that Cartagana is a lot more busy, which makes sense. Oh, and you must stay in the Getsemani area when you’re going there). After exploring quite a lot of countries in Southeast Asia (which I still love), we felt it was time to go in a (literal) different direction this time. We’d been to Panama together, but Colombia left a way better impression on me & it’s really sparked my interest to explore more of South-America in the future (I’m looking at you, Peru). Ah, yes: me & my list of never-ending travel plans – some things will never change!

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