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    Straw & Stripes

    Hi there! Small intermezzo from my Norway-related posts to show you this summer-proof look, which has been one of my favorites lately. Basically, when you give me something ...

    On 14/08/2017 / By
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    Hi there! I’m back from our trip to Norway, and I’m sure you’ve spotted some of those amazing views and landscapes on my Instagram when we were there ...

    On 02/08/2017 / By
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    Beautiful Bergen

    Hello from Norway! We embarked on a new travel adventure last week, and started our trip in Bergen, one of Norway’s most-praised cities. I read about the charm ...

    On 13/07/2017 / By
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    Pop of Pink

    A pink jacket will never truly be a wardrobe staple of mine, but I do appreciate wearing it for a fun pop of color from time to time. ...

    On 04/07/2017 / By
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    Denim Playsuit

    Play-suits are pretty much my favorite thing to wear on a hot summer day. Admittedly, they aren’t the most convenient piece of clothing when it comes to bathroom ...

    On 29/06/2017 / By
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    Hi there! No, I didn’t suddenly hop on a plane back to Mallorca again (even though these current tropical temperatures are quite similar to the climate over there). ...

    On 22/06/2017 / By


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My travel essentials (and tips)

The excitement of discovering a new destination is one of my favorite things, like ever. The fact is – I love to travel, and I’m sure you know ...

On 06/07/2017 / By

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