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Summer Parka

08 07 2014 / BY Brunette Blogging

Summer Parka 1 - brunetteblogging.com

Vero Moda parka – Cheap Monday jeans – Converse sneakers – Urban Outfitters bag – Michael Kors watch

Collecting parkas is just one of my many hobbies (or addictions – issues, moi?), and this one basically had my name written all over it. From the bright but subtle summer details to the petite fit, I think this one has all the qualities to become a Belgian summer staple. I won’t be needing this baby next week though, since I’m leaving to far sunnier places where I plan on wearing nothing but summer dresses, denim cut-offs and sandals – also known as the good life. Our first idea for summer travels was to take a road trip through Italy, but since it all turned out to be too expensive and too much of a hassle at the moment we decided to go to Malta instead. I’m pretty excited to discover this rather tiny but beautiful island whilst enjoying the warm temperatures and spending some time at the beach – a summer vacation as it should be! The fact that Khaleesi and Khal Drogo got married there (even though that wasn’t the most romantic of settings, ahum) only makes it ten times cooler for my inner TV-nerd.

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Summer Parka 3 - brunetteblogging.com
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Red Reflection

02 07 2014 / BY Brunette Blogging

Red Reflection 1 - brunetteblogging.com

Vila top – Levi’s jeans – New Look shoes – Primark bag – Michael Kors watch – Ray-Ban mirrored aviators c/o Sunglasses Shop

It’s that Antwerp time of the year again to eat cotton candy and release your inner child at the Sinksefoor! Not that I’m such a mega fan of all the rides, but I do enjoy hanging out there from time to time. Last year, I went all out and even bought some pink fluffy stuff as a picture prop – this year, I thought there was enough color going on with the carnival background and my flashy shades who made their debut that day. P.S. These couldn’t have joined my closet during a more perfect time since they’re the right color to wear whenever I’m cheering for Belgium in the World Cup and they hide my very tired eyes the morning after.

Red Reflection 2 - brunetteblogging.com
Red Reflection 3 - brunetteblogging.com
Red Reflection 4 - brunetteblogging.com