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Travel Transportation: the best comparison sites

26 10 2014 / BY Brunette Blogging

Travel Planning Tip GoEuro 1 - brunetteblogging.com

Over the years, my traveling behavior has changed quite a bit. From being pretty much clueless of where to go other than Topshop in Barcelona a couple of years ago, I’ve now evolved into researching my travel destination for the best hidden spots and areas, local-recommended places to eat and must-see spots are always on my list (I’m still ashamed to admit I didn’t visit Park G├╝ell). Having a well-researched list doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go with the flow, but it does help you get the most out of your vacation spot. Thanks to all that internet information, preparing and researching a trip is more than possible these days and there are some pretty nifty travel sites out there that are not to be missed since they do a lot of the research work for you. I spend a good amount of time on these sites whenever I’m planning my actual travel transportation.

Comparing Travel Transportation in Europe: GoEuro. This one is the most convenient to plan and compare your European trip. It lists all the possible transportation options from point A to B by bus, train or plane – that way you can compare all the prices and see the travel duration times in one glimpse. I’d also recommend downloading their app for transportation needs at the actual travel destination. It helps you find the best way to get from point A to B by using public transport – very convenient since obviously it’s impossible to know where you’ll be beforehand. With the recent roaming rates being very affordable, you won’t break the bank by turning on your mobile data. If you’re not a fan of doing that, you can always find the nearest Wifi hotspot.

Comparing Travel Transportation Worldwide: Skyscanner. Heck yes, one of my absolute favorites since it bundles the prices of all airlines and they offer a complete overview of the prices per day (especially useful if you’re working with flexible travel dates). Trust me when I don’t recommend this one lightly – this one has truly offered the best flight information for me so far (of course I also compare the comparison sites to make sure I’m reallyreallytruly getting the best price). One small downside to take into consideration is that when you’re actually going through with the booking process, rates can go up from the original price that Skyscanner showed. This has to do with the actual airline and their hidden fees (credit card, administration costs, luggage,…) and it can always vary. Just something to be aware of before you get too excited about a super cheap ticket sometimes.



Oversized Cardigan

23 10 2014 / BY Brunette Blogging

Oversized Cardigan 1 - brunetteblogging.com

Vila cardigan c/o – Topshop top – Diesel skinzee – Sam Edelman booties c/o – Zign leather bag c/o – & Other Stories rings

Colder temperatures might have an advantage in some cases – such as cuddling up under a blanket and staying cozy inside. When you actually do have to get dressed and face the real world, I’m very thankful for oversized fluffy cardigans like these. They can double as a security blanket and keep you all warm – what’s not to love? These fab booties are pretty much too good to be true – thanks to the thickness of the heel they remain comfortable, even though they’re pretty high. And yes, I tested them out by running around Antwerp first! Last but not least, the rings. Since my fingers are small and tiny, this trend is actually perfect for a gal like me – therefore I didn’t hesitate for a second when I saw these on sale at & Other Stories. My hands have been happier ever since.

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Pictures by Paulien