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  • Midi Dress // Brunette Blogging
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    Midi Dress

    Truth be told, there was a time when I was convinced that mid-length clothing was not for me. You see, I’m not the tallest girl so I usually ...

    On 07/02/2016 / By
  • Beach play-suit // Brunette Blogging
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    The Beach

    I kind of feel like I stepped into a desktop screensaver here, but this beach really was picture perfect – even more so during high tide. We came ...

    On 30/01/2016 / By
  • Off-shoulder top // Brunette Blogging
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    Here I am again with an outfit consisting of two pieces of clothing that aren’t in the slightest form appropriate for current weather – but I guess it’s ...

    On 26/01/2016 / By
  • Tropical Surroundings // Brunette Blogging
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    Tropical Surroundings

    After being back in Belgium for about a week, I’m OF COURSE already suffering from post holiday blues – which means I’m craving coconuts, sunshine and palm trees ...

    On 18/01/2016 / By
  • Yellow Playsuit // Brunette Blogging
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    Yellow Playsuit

    Hey there, new year. You are off to a great start for me, since I basically spent it in paradise, also known as the Philippines. I just got ...

    On 11/01/2016 / By
  • Navy Sweater // Brunette Blogging
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    Navy Sweater

    I never considered myself a turtleneck girl, but lately it seems that I’ve been changing my mind. Even though this sweater isn’t technically a turtleneck, I do have ...

    On 21/12/2015 / By


Latest in Lifestyle

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New in

Hello lovelies! Because I can never say no to a pair of pretty shoes, these cool sneakers are the latest addition to my closet. Lately I’ve been gravitating ...

On 20/10/2015 / By

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