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5 New York favorites

16 11 2014 / BY Brunette Blogging

New York favorites Flatiron - brunetteblogging.com

BUILDINGS // The Flatiron. Truth, it’s extremely difficult to only pick five favorites but I done and did it anyway (this list could go on and on though). New York certainly has more than one skyscraper, but the Flatiron has to be one of my favorites. One has to admit and admire the beauty and architecture of special construction, am I right? Fun fact – did you know they have a smaller, charming version of this building in Toronto too?

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WALKS // The High Line. This was recommended to me more than once, and I understand why. It’s a linear park that was built on a section of disused railroad, and they cleaned it up really nice. The plants, city view and all-round area are just a fun mix and they made sure to add different elements so that you’re constantly feeling like you’re discovering something new. A popular stopping point was the colorful street art of the kissing sailor.

New York favorites Plaza Food Hall - brunetteblogging.com

FOOD // The Plaza Food Hall. It’s not one of those standard hip places you’d typically put on your list, but it has become a real favorite during my last three visits (I’ve gushed about it before) – and these sliders with sweet potato fries might just be the reason behind it. Not to mention that perfectly complimentary sweet mustard relish – seriously so good! It’s a fun setting with a slightly fancy but relaxed feel to it, I recommend going here if you’re not sure what to eat (you can choose from a quality menu that offers American, Asian or Italian-style food) or you feel like sharing food with your friends for lunch (we went for these sliders, pork dumplings and Peking duck buns – delish).

New York favorites Le Bain 2 - brunetteblogging.com

DRINKS // Le Bain, The Standard. This hotel came up more than once when I was in travel research mode, and I guess it’s one of those places that you have to put on your list since there’s this whole coolness factor going on. The hotel has two rooftop bars (one quite fancy also known as the Boom Boom Room and one slightly more casual, Le Bain) which are worth checking out for the view alone. And on the plus side, the drinks are even reasonably priced. We had dinner at The Standard Grill downstairs, which is a popular place to be (we lucked out by getting a table immediately in the first come, first serve area). Staff was a bit too cool to be friendly and it’s not exactly the place to go for an intimate dinner, but I enjoyed eating here nonetheless.

New York favorites Magnolia Bakery - brunetteblogging.com

CUPCAKES // Magnolia Bakery. Oh yes, these really were that good. I wouldn’t suggest standing in line for an hour to get one of these (unless you’re a real sugar addict), but if you’re in the neighborhood (which you should be, since the West Village is pretty much one of my favorite NY areas) make sure to pick one up to at least try it. Try the red velvet cupcake with vanilla icing, stop by BOOKMARC across the street and walk through Carrie Bradshaw’s street nearby – three New York things you can cross off your list immediately.



Fall in Central Park

13 11 2014 / BY Brunette Blogging

Fall in Central Park 1 - brunetteblogging.com

J. Crew sweater – Diesel denim – Converse sneakers – Ray-Ban aviator – Madewell necklace – Diamanti per Tutti & Jewels by Maya bracelet – Zac Posen bag

Hello jet lag! I’m back from New York and currently experiencing some difficulties adjusting to normal life again. You know how it goes: feeling exhausted, waking up in the middle of the night and missing all the good times that were had. We had such a fun couple of days roaming the city streets with the autumn sun shining on our face – truly the perfect fall weather to explore and walk around all day. Of course, some shopping was done as well! I had my mind set on finding a cute smaller bag but wasn’t certain which one it was going to be – turns out Zac Posen won the battle. The color and shape are still quite perfect for everyday use, but it can easily be worn in a fancier setting too – I quite love it! As tradition goes I scored it on sale at Century 21, where I may have picked up one too many cashmere items and a little wool number by Marc Jacobs. Let’s just call these my New York souvenirs, shall we?

Fall in Central Park 2 - brunetteblogging.com
Fall in Central Park 3 - brunetteblogging.com
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Fall in Central Park 5 - brunetteblogging.com